Atoll Electronique IN400SE Integrated Amplifier

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The Atoll Electronique IN400SE Integrated Amplifier is a serious audiophile model.

It is capable of developing up to 2 x 160 W RMS at 8 ohms and 2 x 300 W RMS at 4 ohms with a very low distortion rate. It benefits from a dual mono design and high quality electronic components to reproduce all the subtleties of the recordings as faithfully as possible.

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Atoll Electronique IN400SE Integrated Amplifier

The Atoll Electronique IN400SE Integrated Amplifier benefits from a robust chassis specifically developed and designed to optimize the precision and operation of the internal elements. This chassis is designed from 2mm steel, with a 10mm aluminum front face to block out all EMI. The side heatsinks of the Atoll IN400 SE amplifier are machined from solid blocks of aluminum to absorb mechanical vibrations and guarantee perfect heat dissipation.

The concept of the IN400se rests on their aesthetic and technical approach dedicated to optimal musicality. In mechanical terms, chassis is made from 2 mm steel and the front of 10 mm aluminum. Lateral curved heatsinks are manufactured in massive aluminum blocks by a completely unique process. The original design of the cabinet has been studied to best absorb mechanical vibrations and ensure perfect heat dissipation.

Electronic scheme is the result of long hours of updates that helped to optimize its operations and to refine the choice of components. Electric stages are rigorously double mono with a specific attenuator by channel and two ground star differentiated. Each component has been selected by listening and comparison test. The original scheme is optimized to refine the polarization bias currents and feedback.

The ultimate goal is to provide maximum power with as much energy in all registers. It then gets a listen binding wide stereo image and fluidity, natural and harmonic wealth


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  • 2x160W (8 ohms) and 2x300W (4 ohms)
  • Audiophile components
  • High current capacity
  • USB-B input


Atoll IN400 SE: symmetrical design
To provide the most precise musicality, the Atoll IN400 SE amplifier adopts a symmetrical diagram implementing discrete components for its preamplification and output stages. It is equipped with an oversized 1015 VA toroidal transformer associated with numerous capacitors. This assembly offers a total current capacity of 93,000 µF. By comparison, the Atoll IN400 SE amplifier has a higher current capacity than most multi-channel home cinema amplifiers, which allows it to power demanding speakers and respond instantly to the largest dynamic variations.


Atoll IN400 SE: USB DAC
The Atoll IN400 SE amplifier is equipped with a USB B input allowing it to be used as a USB DAC with a Windows or Mac computer. Its converter then supports the conversion of audio streams from the computer up to a resolution of 24 bits / 96 kHz. This converter works asynchronously, ie the amplifier’s DAC takes over the data rate in order to completely bypass the computer’s sound card and reduce jitter to the strictest minimum.


Atoll IN400 SE: complete connectivity
The stereo amplifier has full analog connectivity including 5 unbalanced RCA inputs and a balanced XLR input. It is thus possible to connect a CD/SACD player, a network player, an FM tuner or a pre-amplified turntable, for example. A bypass input is also available, allowing the pre-amplification section to be bypassed and thus used as a power amp. Finally, the speaker terminals are gold-plated to guarantee optimal contact. They are compatible with large section cables, banana plugs and forks.


Atoll IN400 SE stereo amplifier
The Atoll IN400 SE amplifier has complete connectivity to receive all your analog sources.

Equipped with the best components and technologies from the French manufacturer, the Atoll IN400 SE amplifier offers a natural, precise and extremely detailed reproduction over a wide bandwidth. It constitutes the central link of any high-end hi-fi installation.


Technical Specifications

Power Wrms / channel / 8 ohms : 160W
Power Wrms / channel / 4 ohms : 300W
Power supply :  1015 VA
Total of capacitors :  93 400 µF
Input Impedance : 220 kohms
Sensitivity :  350 mV
Signal/Noise rate : 100 dB
Distortion at 1kHz : 0,05%
Frequency Response : 5Hz – 100 kHz

Dimensions : 440*370*130 mm
Weight : 18 Kg

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 37 × 44 × 13 cm

Atoll Electronique

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