Motorised Screens

Motorised Screens are operated by an electric motor that raises and lowers the screen with a remote control for your convenience. 

The screens in this section are wall or ceiling mounted. Browse from our huge selection of motorised screens, featuring solutions for every application. With projection screens for home theatres, business presentations, classroom lessons or large venue events – we have you covered! Our screens are purchased from an overseas manufacturer that has been personally inspected by Rapallo.

Motorised Screens can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or ceiling recessed. These are often larger screens, though electric screens are available for home theater use as well. These screens are similar to pull-down screens, but instead of the screen being pulled down manually, an electric motor raises and lowers the screen.

Electric screens are usually raised or lowered using either a remote control or wall-mounted switch, although some projectors are equipped with an interface that connects to the screen and automatically lowers the screen when the projector is switched on and raises it when the projector is switched off.

> Indigo Screen Specifications – DOWNLOAD 

We build & supply a full range of Motorised Screens for our projects. We import and build our own range exclusive. Our team are only too happy to help out with any questions you may have. Please contact us via +6492744515 or

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