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What are they? They are visually distinctive cylindrical connectors for electrical wiring.

The name is a reference to a protruding prong that bulges slightly in the centre, called a banana due to its supposed resemblance to the fruit. This contains a spring-mounted fin that expands once it has been inserted into an equipment socket, creating a firm and potentially permanent hold.

They were invented in 1924 by German engineer Richard Hirschmann, although now-defunct US company General Radio made a competing claim.

They are also known as banana connectors and 4mm connectors. The latter is a reference to a standard diameter.

Typical types;
  • Closed Screw – Closed screw are made from two cylindrical parts screwed together. The wire enters the plug from the back end and is completely enclosed within the casing, safely isolating it from the outside world. Closed screw banana plugs are typically used with speakers and audio equipment.
  • Gold  – Gold plated offer a high level of electrical conductivity and are also noted for their attractive appearance. The gold plating is often combined with other conductive metals such as brass.
  • Solder Type – A solder type banana plug is designed to incorporate wires attached by soldering. This creates a reliable electrical connection.

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