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Projector Screens: Everything you need to know

In a home theatre nothing beats a big screen. Most of the time a screen and projector offers better "real estate" in relation to cost than a flat screen LED TV. Meaning you can get much bigger screen sizes (we are talking over 100") for a fraction of the price of an...

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Subwoofer placement and calibration tips

Whether you have 1 subwoofer, or are looking to add one to your system. A subwoofer is an essential part of a home theatre. It has the ability of fundamentally changing a home theatre experience. Rather than being able to hear the bass, you can actually feel it in...

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3 Types of DAC’s to develop your HiFi system

The simplest explanation of a DAC is in the acronym Digital-to-Analog Converter. It takes digital data (Ones and Zeros) and turns it into an analog signal. This makes the digital data primed to be sent to headphones, or an amplifier. You actually might encounter a DAC...

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What is TV and Projector Calibration?

Video display calibration is a very common and integral part of professionals in the film industry. It allows the production process such as, editing and colour correction consistent. It allows professionals in the film industry make sure their craft is exactly what...

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What to consider when Soundbar shopping

A soundbar can be the easiest solution for upgrading your TV sound. You can go from thin, dull sound where you cannot hear the dialogue over the music to crystal clear voices and DSP surround sound modes. One thing some people don't consider is using a soundbar as a...

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SVS Prime Wireless Review

Deano Reviews the SVS Prime Wireless Powered Speakers So how do they sound In a word - incredible. These speakers have an extremely smooth mid range coupled with an open air treble and amazing mid bass. The sound leans towards the warmer side but doesn't give up any...

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Latest in WiFi Speakers

Home Audio has quickly become more convenient, affordable, simple and more importantly better sounding. With most people subscribing to some sort of music streaming service, sending your favourite tunes around the house doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury. Over the...

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Floorstanders or Bookshelf Speakers with Subwoofer

A common question we get asked is “Should I go for Floorstanding or Bookshelf Speakers?” There are many variables that come into play when giving a recommendation. First, let's give a quick description on Floorstanders and Bookshelf Speakers.   Source:...

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HDMI troubleshooting

The whole HDMI thing is a blessing… and a curse. Yes, we admit it. We have been known to throw our hands up in frustration just like the rest of you. But with some sleuthing, there is usually a fix that does not involve a hammer and a credit card. 

Here’s our 5 cents of HDMI troubleshooting advice. 

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