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HDMI Extenders can help get the signal where you need it. 

HDMI extenders are used to extend the distance between a high-definition TV and a digital sending device. At the back of your TV you will find a connection port resembling a USB port.

Usually there are 2-4 HDMI ports. This is where HDMI cable connects. It brings signals from other components such as a set-top box and a satellite receiver.

How Does It Work?

An HDMI extender is usually composed of a transmitter and a receiver. With the help of a CATx cable or optical fiber cable, the transmitter and the receiver can work together to extend an HDMI signal, along with audio, IR, power, RS232, etc.

Once you connect your HDMI source and display device respectively to the transmitter/receiver end, long-distance HDMI signal transmission is achieved.

IP extension is an another way to extend your HDMI signal over long distances. The HDMI over IP technology is adaptable, future-proof, and allows you the choice of using either CATx or fiber optic cabling, depending on how far you want to go and which communications need to be conveyed. With the help of an Ethernet switch, you can extend your HDMI signal much farther.

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