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Is it time to upgrade your AV-system?

ELAC Debut 2.0

With CEDIA 2018 now finished, we are getting bombarded with new products. Just a couple of days ago, both JVC and Sony caused some stir in the world of AV with their newly announced home theatre projectors. If keeping up with all the new and improved AV products is doing your head in, you’re not alone. The question to ask is, is it really necessary to forever update your AV system? Are we really talking about an improvement, or are we just buying into the next marketing trick?

The life cycle of electronics is extremely short these days. Do you need to upgrade? The answer to that question is sometimes ‘yes’, sometimes ‘it depends’, but more often than you would be led to believe it’s ‘no’. 

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A multi-room audio system: beyond Sonos

MusicCast multi-roomI speak from first-hand experience when I say that a multi room audio is awesome. It wasn’t until I (under slight pressure from my better half) ended up with a 4 zone multi-room audio system in our own house that I actually got to appreciate it. But just like I did, a lot of people still consider it a luxury. I tell you: it is not!  Some things are a waste of money, some things you only appreciate once you get to experience them. This is one of those.

Say ‘multi room audio system’ and people think ‘Sonos’.  And while that is definitely a popular option, there is so much more to the topic. See, a multi room audio system can be, but doesn’t have to be wireless to start with. Multi room audio systems are quite a wide topic that can be completely tailored to your own wishes, needs and budget. It can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want it to be.  

 So how do you go about creating a multi-room audio system? 

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