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Satellite speakers: Small size, good sound?

Kef satellite

Just like soundbars, satellite speakers often get frowned upon by the audiophiles and AV enthousiasts. The problem they are referring to is the limited mid and lower range they are typically able to provide because of the small speaker cabinets.

But just like soundbars, satellite speakers do have a place in certain homes, depending on your requirements and budget. What’s more, sound quality has improved a lot over the years. And we haven’t even started talking about some of the cool designs out there.

The trick is to know what to look out for and you may be very pleasantly surprised about what some of these little satellite speakers are capable of. 

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Battle of the streaming boxes

streaming TV

Both while doing installations and at the Rapallo home we’ve been dealing with streaming devices. There are a few to choose from, so the question is how to decide which is the best for your movie-viewing needs?

Just today we received a brochure in the mail introducing ‘Vodafone TV’ offering Sky, YouTube and Netflix. While the Vodafone TV box might be very convenient all-in-one package, there is a big world out there with a lot more to offer than “the exciting future’ Vodafone wants us to know about.

There are a few big names in this game: The Amazon Fire TV (and Fire TV stick), the Google Chromecast, the Apple TV and Roku’s various boxes. Unfortunately, not all of these are widely available in New Zealand, but that’s not going to stop a Kiwi on a mission. 


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