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How a phono stage really steps up your turntable set-up

Phono stage

After a few weeks of serving our home theatre lovers, it’s time to indulge our friends, the Rapallo audiophiles.

We thought we would have a chat about phono stages, after we called the Edwards Audio Apprentice MM phono stage Rapallo’s pick of the week.

If you’re into vinyl, upgrading your phono stage can provide one of the most dramatic improvements to sound quality. Here's how and why...

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Projector brightness myths debunked

home theatre projector

A few days ago, we were testing the Sony VPL-260ES 4K home theatre projector at 1,500 lumens. Compared to equal priced projectors boasting 2,500 lumens and knowing that some projectors go up to 5,000 lumens that doesn’t sound like a lot these days.

Yet, when we looked at the calibrated pictures on the screen in our –admittedly- dark home theatre room, we wondered how come that a projector with 1,500 lumens stated on their specs appeared brighter that another projector boasting 2,000 lumens.

Basically, that’s because one reading of lumens is not the same as another reading of lumens….

Let us explain.

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