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It's (almost) outdoor speaker time

Definitive Technology all-weather

While the changes are subtle, there is no denying that winter is on its last legs and spring is just around the corner. The neighbours were already firing up their BBQ last weekend and frankly, we are just as impatient to get the tomato plants moved into the open garden. I know…


As soon as the sun comes out, we’ll be spending more time outdoors. Whether you're working in the garden, reading on the patio, or just relaxing in the shade of your favorite tree, outdoor speakers make total sense with our outdoor Kiwi lifestyle.


And just as much as with any AV set-up, planning is the word. The last thing you'll want to do is rush the process. It helps to consider all the elements and steps involved beforehand. Here's what you should know ahead of time.

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Rapallo goes smart with Karson home automation


We take it for granted, but just imagine being handed back our flip phones instead of our iphones (or androids for that matter). I have no doubt we’d be very surprised how much has changed since the arrival of smart phones.


It may be a slightly slower process, but a very similar revolution is happening right now, turning our homes into smart homes. ‘Not for me’, I hear you sigh, probably accompanied by a massive eye-roll. But before you click away, you may want to read on just a bit further. 

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