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5 things you always wanted to know about amplifiers

Yamaha N-R602

Amplifiers are the beating heart of the audiovisual set-up. But they also have a habit of confusing the hell out of people.  

Don’t despair, we’ll give you some insight in the world of amplifiers; make sure you know what is what when the time is right for your next purchase.



And while we are at it, there is something we really need to discuss with you in regards to this topic. We sort of think you are going to thanks us for it, as the industry is playing some cheeky tricks on you.  We’ll bring you up to date and explain to you how to go about it. 

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The towers or bookshelf dilemma solved

SVS home theatre

I am debating between floor standing speakers and bookshelf speakers. I honestly don't know which would be better for a home theatre....  I'm sure there is a reason why people choose one over the other, but I don't know what it is.’-Ray


Does this sound like you? You are not alone. Many people seem to have trouble deciding. The answer may not be as clear cut as you might think. Our solution: time to dedicate a blog on the topic. 

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