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For our 'neglected' stereophile readers

stereo set-up

Here at Rapallo we have two ‘camps’. There is Deano, the stereophile/vinyl lover and Bart, the home theatre buff. 

While on one hand it is somewhat silly to talk about ‘camps’ (in the end, we’re all on the same awesome Rapallo teamJ), it also provides for some animated discussion at times.  It’s fair to say that the Rapallo guys keep each other on their brotherly toes.

And so it happened that while discussing the next topic for our blog, stereophile-Deano pointed out that we have spent several blogs on home theatre speaker placement, but never as much as written a word about stereo speaker placement for the discerning music listener.

And so, for all you stereophiles out there, budding and seasoned; we sincerely apologize about the neglect. Here’s what we have to say about stereo speaker placement….

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A high-end home theatre for the average Joe

home theatre

We spent last weekend walking around the Melbourne International Hifi show. Earlier this year we were at Munich High-end show. The thing that strikes us is the staggering number of components priced for nobody other than the less than one percent top income people. A $15,000 DAC? A $30,000 stereo pre-amp? Several exhibitioners were complaining about the amount of ‘tire-kickers’. How come this is a surprise to them?

Fact is that the vast majority of consumers can't afford such products, yet they keep popping into the marketplace in the five- and even six-figure range. It’s a bit like the Lamborghinis of the audiophile world. Many of us like to stare and go for a test ride, but when it comes to a purchase, it’s in the no-way zone. 

It does raise the question: for those of us who live in the real world, what is the right price for a truly top-performing piece of AV gear?


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