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Floorstanders or Bookshelf Speakers with Subwoofer

Floorstanders or Bookshelf Speakers with Subwoofer

A common question we get asked is “Should I go for Floorstanding or Bookshelf Speakers?” There are many variables that come into play when giving a recommendation. First, let's give a quick description on Floorstanders and Bookshelf Speakers.   Source:...

HDMI troubleshooting

HDMI troubleshooting

The whole HDMI thing is a blessing… and a curse. Yes, we admit it. We have been known to throw our hands up in frustration just like the rest of you. But with some sleuthing, there is usually a fix that does not involve a hammer and a credit card. 

Here’s our 5 cents of HDMI troubleshooting advice. 

How to read amplifier specs?

How to read amplifier specs?

Amplifiers are complicated machines that require a fair amount of engineering. What goes on inside the bowels of your amplifier is important and determines a lot about what your amplifier can or cannot do, what set-up it will suit  and last but not least what budget...

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