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Do audio cables go bad?

audio cable

Last week, we got asked the following question: ’Do audio cables go bad?’

Now you may find the answer to that question a very obvious one, fact is that when you type in this exact question in Google, it comes up with quite a long list of exact this question on forums. 

Clearly, it’s on a fair amount of peoples mind. And it is a question that actually has a short plain-and-simple-answer AND a long there-is-more-to-the story-answer. 

So let’s get cracking. 

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The soft dome vs. metal dome tweeter debate

dome tweeters

There is no single thing that makes a good speaker. It’s a juggling act between so many things. Which is exactly why the design is done by highly qualified engineers. 

One of the contributing factors in the whole good speaker equation is tweeters. 

When we received the Yamaha NS-5000 in store a few weeks ago, the Rapallo team was speechless in all the right ways. And it was the tweeter design that stood out. So what makes a tweeter a hit or a miss? 

There are a lot of opinions out there when it comes to good tweeters. Some based on science, some based on an experience, some just based on silly forum nonsense. Fact is that it’s quite the topic for debate. 

Gene Dellasala from Audioholics puts it like this: ‘Everybody’s right and everybody’s wrong and everybody is confused’, which kind of sums it up. 

So, what makes a good tweeter? Shape? Material? What else? 

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