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Latest in WiFi Speakers

Latest in WiFi Speakers

Home Audio has quickly become more convenient, affordable, simple and more importantly better sounding. With most people subscribing to some sort of music streaming service, sending your favourite tunes around the house doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury. Over the...

Floorstanders or Bookshelf Speakers with Subwoofer

Floorstanders or Bookshelf Speakers with Subwoofer

A common question we get asked is “Should I go for Floorstanding or Bookshelf Speakers?” There are many variables that come into play when giving a recommendation. First, let's give a quick description on Floorstanders and Bookshelf Speakers.   Source:...

HDMI troubleshooting

HDMI troubleshooting

The whole HDMI thing is a blessing… and a curse. Yes, we admit it. We have been known to throw our hands up in frustration just like the rest of you. But with some sleuthing, there is usually a fix that does not involve a hammer and a credit card. 

Here’s our 5 cents of HDMI troubleshooting advice. 

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