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The importance of Cooling AV & Hi-Fi Components

AV and hi-Fi cooling

Deano, our Rapallo man of all things audiophile has a message for you: Make sure that all your precious AV gear and Hifi components are adequately cooled. We let him explain why he thinks you might need a reminder. 


Hi-Fi & Audio Visual components tend to offer us joy by the truckloads, but they also tend to be heavy on the wallet (which considering the high level engineering that goes into them is understandable). This fact means that every single one of us has every intention of looking after our precious investments. But what does it mean to look after your gear? 

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Home theatre dreaming

home theatre

Ok. It’s confession time. 

Bart has been a movie lover since his teens. Sure, I love a movie. But not LOVE a movie, the way Bart does. 

Bart spends every night in his home cinema. Every night. And every Friday, it’s ‘date night’ and I join him for a Friday night movie session. 

And here’s the confession: I’d never thought I’d say this but having a home theatre is awesome! I’d prefer to watch a movie in our home cinema a million times over a visit to Hoyts (Sorry Hoyts, but it’s true). I thought I didn’t care much about large screens, immersive viewing, Dolby surround sound and great contrast. Boy, was I wrong.

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