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What’s the deal with Ultra-Short Throw Projectors?

Epson EH-LS100

Lately, some Ultra Short Throw projectors have entered the home theatre projector market. We at Rapallo think this is something to be excited about. This is because it opens the option of having a projector to people who previously simply did not have that choice because of the area where they have their home theatre set-up.

So, the logical question to follow is: what is a (ultra) short throw projector and why could it be the cats meow for you? 

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Rapallo means Business

Board room

We know our blog readers like having a peek at other people’s set-ups. So far, we have tried to offer a variety of lay-outs and budgets, but the bottom-line has been that it was AV applications in people’s private homes. But that’s not where Rapallo installations stop. We have been dealing with a wide variety of businesses too. From shop outfits, to B&B’s, to restaurants. 

Earlier this year, we completed a large commercial customer installation at FlexiGroup.


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