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Tracks to use when auditioning speakers

tracks for testing speakers

A couple of weeks ago, one of our clients came in for a demo of an amplifier. The wise man brought his own speakers in to see how they would match with the Yamaha he had his eyes on. The thing was, he wasn’t overly happy with his speakers, so he was tossing up between a new amplifier or alternatively tossing out the speakers and replacing those. Sadly, he could only afford one or the other. 

Until good old Deano showed him that his speakers weren’t that bad at all. There were was actually nothing wrong with them, all that was needed was some decent tracks to review the speakers with. If your source is bad, there is no speaker in the world that will make it sound good.

Which tells us something about how important tracks are; not only when you relax at home, listening to some music. But also when you audition speakers (or headphones) for a future purchase. 

And that brings us to the point: what tracks do you use when auditioning potential new speakers? 

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For your ears only

AV products for the hearing impaired

It's a common problem: due to hearing loss, some folks can’t hear sound in its full detail, contrast or richness. When we listen to music, frequencies are lost and nuances can't be processed fully.

And when it comes to watching television, even at a decent volume, many people can't quite make out the dialogue. Turning the TV full blast doesn’t help. And many more people seem to struggle with this than we realise. 

Luckily, when it comes to watching television or listening to music there a number of things you can do. 


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