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Hi-Res Audio explained

Chord PolyHigh-Res audio is supposed to be the be all and end all in digital music.  

But what does the little gold and black 'Hi-Res Audio' logo mean. Is Hi-Res Audio really such a big deal? Should you pay attention to it? How is it different to other digital music files? And what do you need to listen to it? 

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Is it time to upgrade your AV-system?

home theatre

With CEDIA 2017 under way, we are getting bombarded with new products. If keeping up with all the new and improved AV products is doing your head in, you’re not alone. The question to ask is, is it really necessary to forever update your AV system? Are we really talking about an improvement, or are we just buying into the next marketing trick?

The life cycle of electronics is extremely short these days. Do you need to upgrade? The answer to that question is more often you might like to think: ‘no’.

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