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5 qualities that make a great subwoofer

audio set-up

King of subwoofers SVS claims that whereas choosing a full-range speaker is a highly personal and subjective decision, choosing the best subwoofer for you is a complete objective process. Whether you agree with that or not, fact is that it’s fairly easy to break down a great subwoofer’s performance in five highly objective and easily understood ways. 

So what are these 5 things to listen for?

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The sound in the hall

Glenfield Hall

Remember the assemblies, plays, performances, …. In your primary school hall? Whether the memories are fond ones or note, fact is that the traditional kiwi school hall is a place that takes a special place in the heart of many, many kids. And traditionally, you would not link a school hall with an impressive audio experience. Guess, what? We’ve just changed that! ;-)

The Rapallo installations team has been quite busy in the last few weeks and months. One of the projects we are particularly proud of, is one of our latest school projects. And it is all about the sound in the school hall….

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