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What to buy: a TV or a projector?

What to buy: a TV or a projector?

Fair to say that televisions are getting larger by the day (well kind of) and home theatre projectors are becoming cheaper and more sophisticated at the same time.  Quite regularly we hear from people trying to decide which option is right for them. The answer is as per usual: it depends.

Both products have their advantages, so here’s our attempt to try and make the decision a little easier. 

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How a phono stage really steps up your turntable set-up

Phono stage

After a few weeks of serving our home theatre lovers, it’s time to indulge our friends, the Rapallo audiophiles.

We thought we would have a chat about phono stages, after we called the Edwards Audio Apprentice MM phono stage Rapallo’s pick of the week.

If you’re into vinyl, upgrading your phono stage can provide one of the most dramatic improvements to sound quality. Here's how and why...

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