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Valve amplifiers on the 'Wants list'

PrimaLuna valve amplifier

Like with anything in life, running a business is a balancing act between ‘The Wants’, ‘The Needs’ and ‘The Musts’. 

Valve amplifiers have been on ‘the Wants-list’ for quite some time. The thing with ‘Wants’ is that you have to time them carefully. After all, you don’t want to compromise ‘The Musts’ and ‘The Needs’. I mean, do that and the business will go bust pretty quickly. 

So, these valve amplifiers that have been on our Wants list? Timing was (finally!) right to get serious about them. Slowly but steadily we have been expanding the audiophile Hi-fi side of Rapallo and you can’t do that with a straight face without having some decent valve amplifiers in your offerings.

So, what’s the big deal with valve amplifiers? 

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Moving Magnet vs Moving Coil Cartridges

Elac Miracord 70 turntable

After some umming and arring you have decided to join the ever growing group of people that is giving vinyl a renewed place in their home. No longer is it solely appealing to the audiophile elite that is willing to fork out many thousands of dollars for a high-end set-up. To more and more people, there is appeal in casually having a turntable alongside their audio streamer, both used in very different situations, both providing pleasure in audio. 

But once you start your research, you bump into options and decisions, you weren’t even aware you were going to face. One of them is the choice of a MM versus a MC phono cartridge. 

Although the outcome for both is the same (creating audio from a records groves), both designs are very different and so are their characteristics. Time for us to have a dig into the world of phono cartridges. 

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