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Ben reviews the Topping DX7 DAC and balanced amplifier

Topping DX7

Rapallo's Ben is on a budget... still. He may be no longer a student, but a full-fledged Rapallo employee... but until further notice, he remains on a budget when it comes to the purchase of his AV gear. And like so many audiophiles that have to work with limited funds, he is a big fan of Topping DACs and amplifiers.  

Topping released their new DX7 DAC and balanced headphone amplifier at the end of last year,  and as soon as it landed in the Rapallo quarters, it went on a trip home with Ben for some vigorous testing. 

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Cut the cord: wireless speakers

SVS wireless speakers

When it comes to  wireless speakers, there’s a pretty simple way of looking at it, we think: wired speakers offer better sound, and wireless speakers tend to be more convenient.Of course, that’s a very broad statement and there are exceptions to that rule. And yes, wireless speakers are getting better. But there’s no going around that wires are better at transmitting sound than Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth for that matter).

But there is the convenience factor…

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