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With TV mounting, the mounting bracket or mounting plate is the metal frame that attaches the flat screen TV to the mounting surface.

The backs of many modern televisions include standardized mounting holes, called VESA patterns, that allow different wall bracket types to work with different TVs.

There are 4 main types of mounts available:


The fixed bracket is the most common type of TV mount — it’s also the easiest to install. Fixed brackets are a great option for those that want a low profile mount. One downside to having a fixed bracket mount, however, is that they do not allow for screen adjustment like a tilt or swivel bracket.


A tilting TV wall mount is similar to a fixed mount in that it’s also relatively low profile. They allow viewers to position the screen slightly downward. This is a great option for those who mount a TV high on a wall like in a bedroom or to keep out of reach of a small child.


Pull down TV brackets are a popular type of bracket due to their capacity of movement and can be used to adjust your TV to the optimal height. These mounts have a vertical travel movement, swivel capabilities, in addition to the ability to tilt.


If you’re looking for even more motion from your TV mount, you may want to consider a mount with a full motion bracket. Full motion brackets tilt and swivel, allowing TV watchers not only to adjust the angle of their screen up and down but also side to side. In some cases, up to 180°. Many full motion and swivel mounts feature single or dual arms that allow the device to achieve dynamic motion.

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