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Turntable Cartridges & Accessories are mounted onto the end of the tonearm of your turntable. The cartridge includes the stylus (needle). This lowers onto the vinyl to read the record’s modulations. This is what plays your favorite sounds.

When the stylus tip senses the grooves of a record, that information is transmitted into an electrical current. That current can then be amplified out through your speakers.

The cartridge body (often made of plastic) houses this process of translating sound, and the cantilever is the long thin rod the stylus hangs from that can be controlled internally by an internal suspension system.

When it comes to turntable cartridge types, one of the biggest determining factors is how the magnetic field moves to pick up sound. There are two basic types of magnetic turntable cartridges. The moving magnet cartridges (also known as MM cartridges) and moving coil cartridges (MC cartridges).

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