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Integrated Amplifier refers to the integration of the preamp and power amp, plus phono EQ and tone controls, in a single component. This allows you to save space without sacrificing power or capability.

The engineering advantage of having all amplification functions in a single box is that it allows the source signals — which are typically very low-level — to remain isolated from the integrated amplifier, which is doing some serious power boosting, with a huge transformer and massive power transistors.

Another advantage is that the source signals can be cleanly generated with the use of small low-noise power supplies that are specifically designed to not interact or interfere with one another, thus delivering low distortion audio to the preamplifier stage.

A good example of a high-end integrated amplifier is the Yamaha A-S3200, which provides inputs for an external tuner, CD player and turntable, as well as the ability to toggle between two different sets of speakers in two different rooms. There’s also a “Pre Out” that allows the A-S3200 to be used strictly as a preamplifier so you can easily add a separate amplifier to your system for more power.

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