Naim New Classic NPX TT Power Supply

$5,999.00 inc GST

The Naim New Classic NPX TT Power Supply is the dedicated power supply for the NVC TT preamplifier.

It provides it with even cleaner power supply so as to enhance the sound and makes it compatible with many hi-fi systems.


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Naim New Classic NPX TT Power Supply

The Naim New Classic NPX TT Power Supply.

Under the leadership of their Technical Director, the engineers have developed specific electronic circuits to give the New Classic products superior performance. The best audiophile components have been chosen and highly precise measurements to achieve an uncompromising result. Paired with the NVC TT, NPX TT provides even cleaner power to enhance the sound.

The design of the NPX TT is razor sharp, combining a sleek design, premium materials and adjustable logo brightness.


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Product Type Power Supply (for NVC TT)
Naim logo White illuminated

Logo brightness: High, medium, low


Power Outputs Type 1, Type 2


Weight 12.35lb (5.6kg)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 23/4×83/8×13″ (7×21.4x33cm)


Mains Supply 110 to 120V, 220 to 240Vac
Power Consumption <0.5W


USB Micro USB socket (for updates)

Additional information

Weight 11.2 kg
Dimensions 26.4 × 62.8 × 12.2 cm

Naim Audio

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