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Subwoofers take care of the low frequencies. Quality subwoofers improve the performance of any home theatre or audiophile stereo set-up.

To better understand how a subwoofer works, let’s break the word down into its two parts: “sub” and “woofer.”

woofer is the big cone at the bottom of a loudspeaker, the section designed to produce low frequency sounds. (The other, smaller cone or metallic component — called a tweeter — produces high frequency sounds. In some cases, there may also be a mid driver to produce midrange sounds.)

The sub prefix is short for “sub bass” — the lowest of the low end. So a subwoofer is a speaker in an self-contained enclosure that reproduces only the very bottom of the audio spectrum — those rumbling sounds that we actually feel more than we hear.

A rich, full sound ideally consists of a good blend of not only highs, mids and lows, but sub-bass too.

So when that HUGE bass pad makes your chest vibrate during the breakdown of your favorite dance song, or that epic explosion practically lifts you out of your seat while you’re watching your favorite action film, that mysterious black box on the floor — the subwoofer— is largely responsible.

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