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So what is an AV Processor or Preamplifier?

Although the AV receiver is a simple one-box solution, it also has its shortcomings:

  • They often lack the tuning and calibration options you see on higher-end AV Receivers and Processors.
  • The built-in amplification does limit you somewhat with respect to the speakers or rooms in which they are suitable.

Preamplifier & AV Processors are the brains behind any mid to high-end home theater system. They’re similar to AV receivers in that they provide source switching and decoding of all the various surround sound formats, audio/video processing, and volume control.

But unlike receivers, they have no built-in amplification and are dedicated to the job of being the “brains” of the system. This means they usually have more processing power available.

Consequently, extra channels or flexible tuning and calibration options can be included. They also cost more as they include higher quality components for increased performance.

Some more advanced AV Processors also allow upgrades to both software and hardware to keep up with the latest technologies.

Come into Rapallo and see the Preamplifier & AV Processors we have on demo in our experience rooms.

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