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AV Wall Plates or Audio Visual Wall Plate is an incredibly efficient way of organising all your device cables into a single and localised connected media hub.

AV wall plates are modular, meaning they’re available in a variety of designs and layouts. Each one is capable of catering to a number of domestic, commercial and industrial needs.

From simple deep-set boxes that help tidy your Phone and Internet cables, through to fully outfitted home entertainment plates that can organise Blu-Ray player, HDTV, and Surround Sound system connections, and even sophisticated network connectivity hubs, home to the latest Cat6 and Ethernet adapter connections for the fastest data transfer speeds.

Fully personalised, custom Audio Visual Wall Plates can even house analogue Component and digital HDMI connections all on the one surface for maximum efficiency across a range of interfaces, both new and old.

Our team are only too happy to help out with any questions you may have in regards to AV Wall Plates. Please contact us via +6492744515 or sales@rapalloav.co.nz.

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