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Browse Rapallo’s range of outdoor speakers for around your home, business, or bach.

These speakers require a very different approach than indoor speakers. Not only do they have to be water-proof, but being outside the acoustics is very different.

Outdoor loudspeakers usually are mounted on-wall, so their frequency response are tailored for those conditions – they have elevated mid to high frequencies, because proximity of wall will reinforce low frequency band. Also, their crossovers usually are overly simplistic – just capacitor as tweeter filter and nothing else.

Our Outdoor speakers range includes quality brands like Bowers & Wilkins, Focal, Yamaha, SpeakerCraft, Denon, Polk, Klipsch, Definitive Technolgy, Q Acoustics, KEF, Sonance and many more.

Our team are only too happy to help out with any questions you may have. Please contact us via +6492744515 or sales@rapalloav.co.nz.

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