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Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) speakers started with one man – John Bowers. His drive and passion are written into the DNA of the company he founded over 50 years ago. Welcome to B&W Speakers NZ @ Rapallo.

Bowers dreamed of producing the perfect loudspeaker. Of delivering recorded sound that is utterly faithful to the live performance and to the artist’s original intent.

His obsessive pursuit of perfection and steadfast refusal to accept anything but the very best has shaped everything that we do and everything that they are. ‘Good enough’ simply isn’t good enough for Bowers & Wilkins.

Their dedication to audio excellence compels them to design, develop and manufacture as many of the components that go into their products as they possibly can. Because only that way can they be confident that they’ll achieve the performance and quality we demand from everything they do, whatever the product category.

Absolute performance comes from more than just attention to detail. Bowers & Wilkins develop bespoke technologies, not off-the-shelf solutions, because they believe their way is the best way.

They are compelled to innovate, challenge, re-think: they’ve pioneered technologies, products and solutions that have continuously raised the bar for audio excellence and made accessing and enjoying Bowers & Wilkins sound intuitive and seamless. Because when only the best will do, you have to do things differently.

B&W never forget what they are doing this for. They are loved by people who love music – because we make the music they love even more rewarding to listen to.

Where Music Begins

It’s a love affair rooted in the very fabric of music and film sound. For decades, Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers have been the trusted choice of studio professionals and recording artists the world over, as fundamental to their creative process as their preferred microphone or favourite guitar.

From Abbey Road Studios to Skywalker Sound, from the simplest stereo recording to the biggest orchestral score, music that will soon be heard everywhere is heard first on their speakers – because the people who know music best choose Bowers & Wilkins.

The fullness, the richness, natural low-end. What you put into the speakers is exactly what comes out. It’s pretty amazing!”  Andrew Dudman | Senior Recording Engineer,
Abbey Road Studios

Rapallo is the ideal place in New Zealand to buy Bowers & Wilkins speakers, we are a trusted authorized premier dealer and have a fantastic range of B&W Speakers on demo. B&W Speakers NZ are a well known brand that you can rely on having an amazing sound. Make sure you browse the range below of B&W Floorstanding Speakers, B&W Bookshelf Speakers, B&W In-Wall Speakers, B&W in-Ceiling Speakers and Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofers.

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