Bowers & Wilkins Performance Series CCM662 Speaker

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The Bowers & Wilkins Performance Series CCM662 Speaker is a truly high-end sound.

It comes from an in-ceiling speaker with 25mm tweeter and 150mm Aramid mid/bass driver.

*sold as a single

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Bowers & Wilkins Performance Series CCM662 Speaker

The Bowers & Wilkins Performance Series CCM662 Speaker leverages decades of design experience to deliver high-fidelity sound without taking up any space in your room.

Each one combines a 6″ aramid fiber woofer with a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter for clear sound with your favorite music playlists or movie soundtracks.


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  • Ideal for an elite in-ceiling music system, or as overhead sound effects channels in a Bowers & Wilkins home theatre system
  • 6″ aramid fiber woofer
  • 1″ aluminum dome tweeter
    • tweeter is aimable to direct high-frequency details towards you
    • three-position EQ switch optimizes off-axis response for different tweeter angles

The Bowers & Wilkins Performance Series CCM662 Speaker is a true high performance ceiling-mount speaker.

The tweeter has a 25mm(1in) aluminium dome tweeter and its housing pivots for adjustable off-axis treble response. The die-cast chassis of the bass/ midrange driver provides extra rigidity which results in a cleaner, faster bass and a three-position EQ switch offers a better off-axis response.

With superior cross-over components along with gold plated terminals the Bowers & Wilkins Performance Series CCM662 Speaker has an impressive maximum amp power of 150W. Its blue Aramid Fibre cone means that the unit is well hidden behind the grille but still produces a remarkably clear and dynamic sound. Incorporating QuickDogs™ and plug-and-play functionality it is quick and easy to install.



  • Description 2-way in-ceiling system
  • Drive Units 1x ø25mm (1in) Nautilus™ swirl loaded aluminium dome tweeter 1x ø150mm (6in) blue Aramid Fibre cone bass/midrange
  • Frequency Range (-6dB) 45Hz – 50kHz
  • Recommended Amp Power 25 – 150w
  • Sensitivity SPL (2.83V, 1m)  88dB
  • Impedance Nominal (min) 8Ω (4.5Ω)
  • Frame diameter 240mm (9.5in)
  • Cut-out diameter  202mm (8in)
  • Depth behind surface 133mm (5.2in)
  • Protrusion 4mm
  • Pre-mount Kit C6
  • Back Box 6C

Additional information

Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 22.1 × 31.5 cm

Bowers & Wilkins

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