15M MySky Scart to Component Audio Video Cable

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Component Video + Red & White Audio to Scart interconnect.

Enjoy superior home cinema with crisp video and vibrant colour

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Scart to Component High End Audio-Video Cable

Suitable for My Sky and Sky Digital on approved set top boxes.

Component Video + Red & White Audio to Scart interconnect. Enjoy superior home cinema with crisp video and vibrant colour.

Got Digital Sky Pay TV?
Now get the Best Picture from it

Our new SCART to Component Cable connects the Sky Digital boxes straight to the Component Video inputs on your TV or Plasma.

The Sky Digital decoders manufactured by ‘PACE’ have the ability to output a Component (YUV) signal via the SCART connector.
This is the cable you need to connect your Sky Digital decoder to your component equipped TV and get the best possible picture Sky Digital TV has to offer.
This cable also supplies the analogue audio signal from the SCART terminal for a simple audio connection to your TV or amp.

Note. You will have to enable YUV (component) from the setup menu in your Digital Pay TV ‘PACE’ box before you connect the cable.


– 5 RCA/Phono connectors to scart connector.
– Diecast connectors, colour coded with Red, Green & Blue.
– 24k Gold Plated contacts ensures optimum signal transfer.
– 99.96% OFC conductor for high resolution picture quality.
– Cellular PE insulation ensures a clean natural picture.
– IAT interference absorbers for unmatched picture performance.
– Lifetime limited warranty against defects or workmanship.

High quality component video/audio to scart interconnect with 5 RCA / phono connectors on one end and a scart plug on the other. Manufactured with 99.96% OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) for high resolution picture quality.
Using double screening for maximum RFI protection to ensure superior picture performance.

Our Scart to Component cable makes use of Cellular PE insulation giving low signal attenuation for a clean picture with true-to-life colours. Interference Absorption Technology (IAT) for total elimination of EMI distortion ensures unmatched ultra clean picture performance

This product is packed in plain polly bag without fancy and expensive packaging, saving extra $’s for the end user.

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