FYNE F3-12″ 520w Active Subwoofer

$2,495.00 inc GST

The magnificent F3-12 is Fyne’s state-of-the-art F300 series subwoofer featuring a massive 300mm (12”) multi-fibre cone driver, over half a kilowatt of DDX Direct Digital amplification and advanced DSP control with Bass Boost mode specifically for home cinema LFE.

The heavily built, high rigidity MDF cabinet features a large down firing port, compliant floor coupling mounts and a raft of features including phase control, a 12V trigger, auto-sensing power on, and individual LFE/RCA inputs and filtering.

The result is breath-taking bass performance as low as 28Hz, making the F3-12 the ideal super-sub for music and movies alike.


“… the Fyne Audio F3-12 is an absolutely cracking subwoofer, and one that sets the bar high for the others in this roundup. The fact that it undercuts some when it comes to price doesn’t do its chances any harm either. The recent arrival of Overlord on 4K Blu-ray provided the perfect opportunity to use the film’s dynamic soundtrack as demo fodder. The movie opens with a parachute drop over Normandy on the eve of D-Day and there is nothing subtle about the sound design. A barrage of flak greets the approaching aircraft, signalled by a seismic thump from the F3-12, perfectly timed to the visuals. An explosion tears through one of the planes; there’s nuance to the destruction.


The Fyne Audio F3-12 is an absolutely cracking subwoofer, and one that sets the bar high for the others in this roundup……… Home Cinema test/reveiw

Home Cinema Choice pitched our F3-12 up against some industry heavyweights in a subwoofer group test, and the good news is, our F3-12 came out on top!

The Fyne Audio F3 Series subwoofers combine DDX Direct Digital amplification and DSP

The F3 cabinets are heavyweight and extensively braced, with large diameter ports using a mathematical derived flare profile at both ends for low turbulence. The black oak finish cabinets are fitted with large, compliant feet that are kinder to your floors and offer better room coupling than spikes. The F3 Series use Direct Digital Amplification (DDX®) throughout. DDX builds on Class D technology with higher power, better efficiency, lower RFI output and enhanced sonic characteristics.

Fyne’s front-mounted drivers feature a cone material formed with a mix of fibres, with rubber roll surround and deep coil assembly affording long throw excursion and high power handling.The F3 Series advanced DSP engine has enabled control features normally only found in much more expensive subs. In addition to switchable LFE / Normal input, phase reverse and signal sensing power on, all F3 subs have automatic dynamic range management, overload protection and Fyne’s Bass Boost function. This feature gives a +3dB lift through critical movie LFE frequencies to deliver an immersive home theatre experience.



  • Output Power: 520W
  • Low Frequency Response (-6dB typical in room): 28Hz
  • Inputs: 2 x Phono L & R stereo, 1 x mono LFE
  • Input Filter: 80Hz 2nd Order Low Pass, with LFE Provision
  • Auto Mute: After Approximately 10 mins in Absence of Input Signal
  • Driver Type: 300mm (12”)
  • Enclosure Type: Vented, downwards firing
  • Enclosure Volume: 53 litre (1.9 cu. ft.)
  • Bass boost (+3dB): 30 – 70Hz
  • Dimensions inc. feet – HxWxD: 375 x 480 x 442mm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Standby Power Consumption: <0.5W (ErP Approved)
  • Mains Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz Nominal
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 240W

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Weight 20 kg

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