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For over four decades ago, Audio Pro started building powered speakers with a single ambition in mind; to give you the best sound quality at the best price possible.

Today, you will find Audio Pro in 45 countries on four continents. And the same ambition is still the cornerstone in everything they do. Small powered speakers with big sound.

Design Philosophy

At the core of Audio Pro lies powered speakers. From the beginning in 1978 Audio Pro got synonymous with great sound from small speakers. And they are still on the same route. With the addition that everything they do now is also wireless.

Design, inside and out

For them design is vital. Both engineered design and aesthetic design. They want the design to be modern, simple and sophisticated. And yet powerful.

An ever-changing contradiction, contemporary yet classic. Their products are designed to perform and they also want the speakers to be enjoyed by the many, not the few, so the design must stand the test of time.

Audio Pro design good speakers, not spaceships.

Makes you go wooop!

They design speakers let you enjoy your music. With their long experience in speaker development, the aim is that your music should be felt, not just heard.

Your music matters to you, so it matters for them. They are just passionate about music. The time and effort they put into each and every product shines through.

Audio Pro love to be compared, to put their products to the test. Sound good? They think so, and the critics do too.

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