Half Moon Bay Movies

We started working in this home when the client needed a new amp to replace a blown unit. Since then Rapallo have updated a lot of componentry and helped them to develop their “Half Moon Bay Movies” home theatre room downstairs.

This project in the theatre room started with the addition of a new projector, updated amplifier, atmos speakers and a pair of front heights. We opened up the walls and added new cabling and positioned the speakers based on the ideal seated position based on the screen. Our plastering partner then plastered and painted the cable holes and the room was closed up and finished off.

A few months later we then built and installed a custom cabinet that worked with the room and the gear it was to store. It was requested that the cabling was hidden and it needed to be on castors. Our team did a great job in covering off these items for the client.

Lastly, during August 2023 the room was carpeted (as it had wooden floors), so we came on site and removed all the gear. The electrical team came onsite and installed a power point for the cinema seating, and then we re-installed all the gear and re-calibrated the room.

While there we also updated the splitter and added a new HDMI extender to get the SKYTV content up to the master bedroom.

Our team are really happy with the outcome, with potentially some acoustic treatment next on the list to balance the room and to remove the echo in some points.

Project Components – Half Moon Bay Movies

The Half Moon Bay Movies project consisted of the following Rapallo AV Design & Build services:

  • Onsite Consultation – to ensure the setup matches the clients brief and the environment its being used
  • Product Selection & Advice
  • Project Management
  • Installation & setup
  • Testing and training
  • Post Installation Support

This project was managed by Tokorua Lambert. For a similar project or if you have another project you’d like us to look at, then give Tokorua a call on 09 2744515 or via email

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