WyreStorm 100m 4K60 AVX Extender with eARC

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The WyreStorm 100m 4K60 AVX Extender with eARC allows you to extend 18Gbps A/V signals up to 100 meters with the EX-100-H2-EARC.

This extender uses AVX technology, a similar transmission that is found inside their powerful NetworkHD 600 series, to send 4K HDR and Dolby Vision content at 60Hz.


WyreStorm 100m 4K60 AVX Extender with eARC

The WyreStorm 100m 4K60 AVX Extender with eARC is full compatible with eARC. So you can transmit audio signals such as Dolby TrueHD/Atmos and DTS-HD MA 7.1 signals from a smart TV back to an eARC enabled AVR or soundbar. Flexible control passthrough options including IR, RS-232 and LAN allow you control a display and get devices connected over long distances.


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  • Supports the latest UHD resolutions including HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision formats
  • Extend 18Gbps content up to 100 meters using Cat6a cabling or higher
  • Compatible with eARC displays for transmitting high-bitrate audio formats including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • Backwards compatible with standard ARC
  • Uses powerful AVX transmission technology
  • Supports full CEC passthrough via TV remote to control connected AV equipment such as AVR volume or menu navigation
  • PoE allows the transmitter to power the receiver over category cable
  • 3 audio modes configured by dipswitches: eARC, S/PDIF passthrough, HDMI input de-embed
  • Control signal passthrough via bidirectional IR, 2-way RS-232 and Gigabit LAN



Sporting an 18Gbps HDMI input, the EX-100-H2-EARC can support all UHD video signals up to and including 2160p 4:4:4/60, and high framerate HDR 12bit 4:2:2 up to 60Hz.


Equipped with eARC capability, send high-bitrate audio formats such as Dolby Atmos or DTS:X from an eARC display back to an AVR or soundbar through native HDMI. Let’s not forget backwards compatibility with standard ARC as well.


Passthrough signals such as IR and RS-232 from a control system to control your display or other AV equipment. The ethernet passthrough supports full 1Gbps speeds for extending internet or LAN connections.


Simply power the transmitter side of the extender and the receiver will power over the category cable. Reducing points of failure and making installation easier.


In the Box

1x EX-100-H2-EARC Transmitter
1x EX-100-H2-EARC Receiver
1x 12V DC 3A Power Supply (US/UK/EU/AU)
1x IR Receiver
1x IR Emitter
4x Mounting Brackets with screws
2x 3-pin Terminal Blocks
1x QuickStart Guide



TRANSMITTER: 1x HDMI: 19-pin type A
RECEIVER: 1x AVX: 8-pin RJ-45 Female // 1x S/PDIF: Toslink Audio

1x AVX: 8-pin RJ-45 Female
1x S/PDIF: Toslink Audio
1x HDMI: 19-pin type A

Output Video Encoding: AVX
Encoding Data Rate: 10.2Gbps
End to End Latency: 10μs (microseconds)
Audio Formats:
HDMI Passthrough: 2ch Analog/PCM | Multichannel: LPCM up to DTS-X and Dolby Atmos
eARC: 2ch Analog/PCM | Multichannel: LPCM up to DTS-X and Dolby Atmos
S/PDIF: 2ch Analog/PCM | Multichannel: LPCM up to Dolby Digital 5.1

Video Resolutions (max)
1920x1080p @120Hz 12bit
3840x2160p @60H 8bit 4:4:4
3840x2160p @60Hz 12bit 4:2:2 HDR

Supported Standards: DCI | RGB | HDR | HDR10 | Low Latency Dolby Vision up to 60Hz | HLG | BT.2020 | BT.2100
Maximum Pixel Clock: 600MHz

HDMI: HDMI | HDCP 2.2 | EDID | CEC Pass-through | DVI/D supported with adapter (not included)
AVX: HDMI | HDCP 2.2 | EDID | Audio | 1-way PoC (TX powers RX) | Bidirectional IR/RS-232/Ethernet | CEC
Ethernet: 1x Ethernet: 8-pin RJ-45 Female | Bidirectional over AVX (Transmitter and Receiver)
IR: 1x IR RX: 3.5mm (1/8in) TRS Stereo | 1x IR TX: 3.5mm (1/8in) TS Mono (Transmitter and Receiver)
RS-232: 1x RS-232: 3-pin Phoenix (Transmitter and Receiver)

Power Supply: 12V DC 3A
Max Power Consumption: 24W

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm


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