Atoll Electronique Integrated IN50 Signature

$2,195.00 inc GST

The Atoll Electronique Integrated IN50 Signature replaces the famous Atoll IN50 SE.

Of course, this model is designed and made in France. It offers a real power of 2 x 50w at 8 ohms and delivers 70w at 4 ohms.


Atoll Electronique Integrated IN50 Signature

The Atoll Electronique Integrated IN50 Signature consists of a metal chassis of 1.5 mm with a new brushed-aluminum front panel available in black or natural. The top of the device is perforated for high heat dissipation. The front panel takes up the design of the IN300 integrated amp. In its centre, there is a volume potentiometer (with the remote control option). To the right of it, there are 2 buttons to select the desired input. To the left, 7 led indicate the selected input.


The Atoll Electronique Integrated IN50 Signature has 5 analogue inputs, 1 by-pass input, 1 double preamp output and 1 Tape in/out.

A 6.35mm Jack headphone output is also available on the front panel.

The 5 analogue inputs are the following: auxiliary input, CD input, tuner input, DVD and Tape input.

The by-pass input can connect a preamplifier. By choosing this input, the integrated amp becomes a power amplifier.

The double preamplifier output allows the IN50 Signature amplifier to be connected to one or two power amplifiers. So this amplifier becomes a preamplifier.

You can also connect a preamplifier output to a subwoofer.


The Atoll Electronique Integrated IN50 Signature integrated amplifier receives several improvements in terms of components. It is equipped with an electronic protection system. If the maximum power allowed is exceeded, the standby indicator flashes red for some seconds and then the amplifier automatically reduces the volume.

The printed circuit is gold/nickel double face. The toroidal transformer develops 170 VA.

The amplification is based on fully symmetrical stages with discrete components and the connecting capacitors are MKT technology.

The source selection is made via relay. The internal structure has been revised compared to the previous model, in order to have better performance and musicality.


The Atoll IN50 Signature can be controlled from the front panel, but it is equipped with an IR captor. So it can be controlled with the optional remote control.

The major new features are the options available at the input level:

  • Instead of the auxiliary input, it can receive an Atoll P50 phono card (for MM cartridges) or an Atoll P100 phono card (for MM or MC cartridges). Equipped like that, you can listen to your favorite vinyl records.
  • If you want to listen to your music from a computer (Mac or PC) or a tablet or other device, you need the Atoll Signature digital card, which is the one that comes standard with the IN300! It offers 2 coaxial inputs in 24 bits/192kHz and 2 optical inputs, also in 24 bits/192kHz, as well as an asynchronous USB-B input in PCM from 16 bits to 32bits up to 384kHz and DSD64 and DSD128. There is also a Bluetooth receiver in direct digital connection to the AKM AK4490 audio converter.
  • It is also possible to add the Atoll SPDIF digital card. This one is simpler, without USB and Bluetooth, only 2 SPDIF and 2 optical inputs.



Power Wrms/channel/8Ω 50 W
Power Wrms/channel/4Ω 70 W
Impulse Power 90 W
Power Supply (VA) 170
Total of capacitors (µF) 17 874
Inputs  4 + 1 monitor
Input Impedance (kΩ)  357
Sensibility (mV) 100
Rising Time (µs) 2,5
Signal/Noise Ratio (dBA)  100 dB
Bandwidth  5 Hz – 100 kHz
Weight(kg)  7
Dimensions (mm)  440x90x300mm

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 44 × 9 cm

Atoll Electronique

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