Atoll Electronique IN200 Signature Integrated Amplifier

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The Atoll Electronique IN200 Signature Integrated Amplifier is an audiophile model developing 2×120 watts (under 8 ohms).

It has a dual mono design, equipped with high quality and generously sized electronic components. It differs from the Atoll IN200 integrated amplifier by the use of new high-end electronic components.

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Atoll Electronique IN200 Signature Integrated Amplifier

The Atoll Electronique IN200 Signature Integrated Amplifier benefits from a symmetrical diagram and employs discrete components for its preamplification and output stages, in particular Mos-Fet transistors . The Atoll IN200 Signature stereo integrated amplifier is equipped with two 340 VA toroidal transformers (680 VA total) and a filtering capacity of more than 54,000 µF. By comparison, the Atoll IN200 Signature amplifier has a higher current capacity than most multi-channel home cinema amplifiers.


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Rapallo | Atoll Electronique IN200 Signature Integrated Amplifier



  • Symmetrical Output stages with discrete components
  • Double pair of MOS-FET transistors on each channel
  • Specific low consumption supplies (5VA) for analog circuits and display.
  • Capacitors: 8x6800uF low ESR high quality designed specifically for ATOLL.
  • 2 volume attenuators: 1 per channel
  • Analog stages with Mundorf MKP condensators in a armored shell
  • Complete settings (from the front panel or with the remote control) of the balance and volume
  • Direct access to each inputs from the front panel or with the remote control


Atoll IN200 Signature: 2x50W Class A mode
The Atoll IN200 Signature stereo amplifier develops up to 2×120 watts into 8 ohms – and 2×200 watts into 4 ohms – from bass to treble. It works in pure class A up to 2×50 watts, which gives it a very precise and smooth sound at the same time. This amp also benefits from electronic protection and switches off automatically if its capacities were to be exceeded. It can therefore be associated with distorted impedance speakers with confidence. The Atoll IN200 Signature stereo hi-fi amplifier has 5 analog stereo line inputs, a Direct IN input, a headphone output and two pre-out outputs for power amp or active subwoofer.


**Optional Digital Board Signature
1 Bluetooth receiver: Direct digital to the AKM audio converter
2 Coaxial Inputs (24Bits/192kHz)
2 Optical Inputs (24Bits/192kHz)
1 USB-B Input: PCM & DSD
Audio converter: AKM – AK4490
PCM from 16 bits to 32bits up to 384 kHz on USB-B input (asynchronous).
DSD : DSD64 & DSD128.
USB Interface: XMOS with specific program designed for ATOLL.


Technical Specifications

Power Wrms/channel/8Ω
120 W
Power Wrms/channel/4Ω
200 W
Impulse Power
200 W
Power supply (VA)
Total of capacitors (µF)
62 000
4 + 1 monitor
Input Impedance (kΩ)
Sensibility (mV)
Rising Time (µs)
Signal/Noise Ratio (dBA)
100 dB
5 Hz – 100 kHz
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (mm)

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 30 × 44 × 9 cm

Atoll Electronique

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