Sonitus Acoustic Decosorber Massive Eva

$896.00 inc GST

The Sonitus Acoustic Decosorber Massive Eva is a semi covered absorber panels for controlled absorption of mid frequencies.

Eva is most effective between 200hz and 2000hz.

*Pack of 4

** Please take note that all Sonitus products are currently special order only – lead time: 4 – 8 weeks **

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Sonitus Acoustic Decosorber Massive Eva

The Sonitus Acoustic Decosorber Massive Eva is made from a solid Oak wood frame and an Oak veneered front plate. The insert consists of our USAP* foam with a soft black velvet coating.
*USAP – Unique Sonitus Acoustic Polyester.

Decosorber Eva Solid absorbers are decorative mid-frequency damped membrane absorbers that not only look great, but also compensate the common effects of excessive high-frequency damping. They feature a perforated solid Oak wood frame (hence “Solid” thing), and oak veneered front plate. The Eva pattern comprises slits that are actually like stretched parallelograms.

This opens about 40% of the fascia to sound waves so they absorb more than the Maze or Quad Decosorber patterns. Decosorbers treat a range of frequencies starting down at 200Hz, and smoothly tapering down all the way to 3kHz. They feature a back layer of 8cm USAP Polyester foam finished with black velvet then covered with a 4mm poplar plywood plate that is available in different wood colours with a semi-gloss finish. You won’t need to worry about that itchy-scratchy feeling from fiberglass panels. They can be used as single units on walls and ceilings or as a pattern in groups


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  • Elegant European design
  • Sculptured wood finish and solid wood enclosure for tasteful interiors
  • Advanced engineering
  • Midband absorption – 200Hz to 3kHz
  • High density foam core for high absorption coefficients
  • Oak Finish
  • Easy installation.
  • Built to last


  • Dimensions: 60x60x7 cm
  • Dimension tolerance: +- 0,2%
  • Material: Solid Oak Wood, Oak veneered MDF plate, USAP foam with black velvet coating
  • Colors: EB > Ebony / WH > White / Nat > Natural / Mah > Mahagony
  • Product Weight: 2 kg
  • Package: 4 pcs
  • Package Size: 60x60x34cm
  • Package Weight: 10 kg
  • Mounting profiles included for hanging to walls. Or our new freestanding system (coming soon)

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 34 cm

Sonitus Acoustics

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