Sonitus Acoustics Massive 6 Strip

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The Sonitus Acoustics Massive 6 Strip is an absorber made from solid Oak wood with velvet coated highest quality polyester foam.

Its main purpose is to absorb mid to high frequencies, but beside that the 6 strip also spreads high frequencies on a 1D diffusor principle. With combining the mounting direction, you will get a multi direction sound spreading

** Please take note that all Sonitus products are currently special order only – lead time: 4 – 8 weeks **

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Sonitus Acoustics Massive 6 Strip

The Sonitus Acoustics Massive 6 Strip combines absorption of high to mid frequencies and is a 1D diffusor, all in one component!

They feature a SOLID-OAK wood frame (hence massive thing) oak veneered, Ebony or Mahogany veneered front slats. The insert layer is USAP Polyester foam covered with black velvet. They have a semi-gloss finish.

Since they have a real wood finish every component is unique and has some variations like high-end denim. They are heavy – like 6 ½ lbs. each and really-really effective. The 6 Strip Massive design features framed strips with quite a lot of open area of absorption – maybe 50%. They can be used as single units on walls and ceilings in a multi-component array or as a pattern in groups.


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The panels are made of solid oak and inside there is a special USAP (Unique Sonitus acoustics Polyester) acoustic foam in a non-flammable finish complying with the FMVSS 302*Polyester standard. The surface is made of a black velvet layer of fibers and a mounting frame for attaching to the wall is included. Mounting profiles are included.



  • Dimensions 60x60x7cm
  • Dimension tolerance: 0,2%
  • Material: Velve coated USAP* foam, Solid Oak wood
  • Colors: Natural Oak, Oak in Ebony, Oak in Mahagony
  • Product Weight: 3,2 kg
  • Package: 2 pcs
  • Package Size: 61x61x16cm
  • Package Weight: 7kg
  • Mounting profiles: included


Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 7 cm

Sonitus Acoustics

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