Isotek EVO3 Initium 1.5m Power Cable

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The Isotek EVO3 Initium 1.5m Power Cable is designed to offer high quality performance at an extremely fair price.

Initium is a must for replacing all of your standard black plastic power leads, which have been designed based on cost rather than quality.

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Invaluable and Indespensible!

In my opinion running most gear without one of these is a no, no. If the budget cord were used on my amp it would be absolutely as hot as loudly playing 5 hours of music, when left idle for a only a day or so. So leaving your amp on 24/7 like your meant to would no doubt damage it at those heat levels. After adding the Initium it stays as cool as a cucumber all the time, and significantly reducing heat levels during music play too by about a third. Same results for my AV amp too, which is known to be a hot running amp. There is a science behind it to do with resistance and heat feeding of each other and increasing in a cycle caused by impurities in lower grade copper. The Sky decoder also benefited from one of these as it previously lagged behind other sources in volume and dynamics etc, however surprisingly I did not notice much difference in subwoofer performance.

Mike B.

Great product and service

If you haven't tried decent AC cables here is a good starting point without spending crazy money-well worth it.

Nick T.

Isotek EVO3 Intium power cable

Getting proper power cables may appear a bit over the top to some. The way I see it is , would you put low grade petrol in you hi end car. The first thing I noticed is the ease the music flows from the source to The pre amp, on to the power amp and out the the speakers. Also very quite background . Good upgrade and the stereo will love you for it.

Steve W.


Isotek EVO3 Initium 1.5m Power Cable

The attractively-priced Isotek EVO3 Initium 1.5m Power Cable is a perfect introduction to the experience of IsoTek, and the impact of high-performance cables on your audio experience. Now available with a C13 connection, the Initium is now fully compatible with safety and certification standards wherever IsoTek is sold.

As our houses fill up with wireless technologies, like mobile phones, Bluetooth, WiFi and more, that means more noise in the air that basic black power cables pick up like antennae, and that affects the quality of your sound.

IsoTek cables are designed with conductors arranged in a parallel construction with a slight rotational twist, a time-tested, effective way to block out that noise, and deliver interference-free power to your hi-fi system.

The Initium’s conductors (the tightly-wound wiring in the cross-section image above) are made of 99.9999% Oxygen Free Copper. The extremely high purity levels of the copper not only make for superior connectivity, but also mean that Initium cables are more durable, and less likely to fracture or degrade over time than supermarket power cables.



Isotek EVO3 Initium 1.5m Power Cable Construction: The conductors are in a parallel construction with a slight rotational twist. This established technique remains the first line of defence against RFI and EMI rejection.

  1. Conductors: 99.9999% OFC conductors offer an exceptional level of purity with enhanced conductivity. They are less likely to fracture or degrade over time.
  2. Dielectric: PE dielectric (insulation) is chemically inert and has a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. PE possesses a very high degree of stress crack resistance and a low coefficient of friction making it an exceptional dielectric. PE is a good choice for safety in both temperature and electrical insulation.
  3. Filler:Cotton filler has been used to give the cable internal strength and reduce microphony. Cotton also possesses excellent dielectric properties, the best of a solid material.
  4. Wrap:A paper wrap is used to secure the construction prior to the application of a flexible PVC jacket. The addition of the paper and cotton form a buffer with the PVC so as to maintain exceptional dielectric properties.
  5. Jacket:PVC is used as the outer jacket to give a high degree of flexibility and mechanical strength.

TERMINATION: Initium cable is terminated using IsoTek’s bespoke Audiophile grade moulded connectors of solid OFC. These offer good performance qualities.


Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm


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