IsoTek EVO3 Genesis One Power Conditioner + IsoTek EVO3 Premier Cable

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The EVO3 Genesis One is a state of the art single cell sine wave generation system with extremely low THD.

The system can be used to dramatically improve single front-end components. Each cell can be combined / linked together so that only one input wall socket cable is required.

  • Removes both Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.
  • Dedicated single outlet delivers totally clean low distortion reconstruction mains sine wave.
  • Unique single cell mains sine wave generation system exceeding 85dB of noise reduction extending to
  • zero Hz running in class D amplification with a linear power supply.
  • Internal wiring; solid core silver plated PCOCC with FEP virtually an air dielectric.
  • 100W of totally clean power for all front-end components.
  • Available with UK, EU, US, Australian, Swiss and South African outlets.
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Without any ifs or buts – with the EVO3 Genesis One, the IsoTek crew around mastermind Keith Martin have once again achieved a milestone in the power supply of a high-end system. Optimised for every application, IsoTek provides the perfect device. Especially for digital source devices there is probably nothing better for the money on the market than the EVO3 Genesis One – this is definitely true high-end. Hats off for this category!” – Stephan Schmid,10 April 2017,

The EVO3 Genesis One takes the sound of your system and removes its edginess and hardness. It doesn’t change the character of the presentation, just makes that presentation seem less ‘angular’ and harsh sounding. The overall presentation is just that bit more fluid, more able to process and draw together the themes within a piece of music.” – Alan Sircom, June 2017, Hi-Fi+



  • Dedicated single outlet delivers totally clean low distortion reconstructed mains sine wave
  • Suitable for all audio or AV systems
  • Compact and elegant design measuring just 75mm in width allowing 6 units to be placed side by side on an equipment rack
  • Combine Genesis One and Titan One for a Full system upgrade
  • Link units together so that only one input power cable is needed from the wall socket
  • Supplied with IsoTek’s award winning Premier power cable
  • UK, EU, US, ZA, Australian and Swiss specifications available


IsoTek’s EVO3 Genesis One is a highly compact state of the art full sine wave generation system, taking technology from IsoTek’s Ultimate Series Genesis.

The product is ideal for front end components up to a maximum of 100W from the single rear outlet.  Multiple Genesis or Titan Ones can be linked together and positioned side by side on an equipment support rack using the “link cable”.  This avoids the need for multiple power cables from wall sockets for every unit.

A total of six Genesis or Titan Ones can be positioned side by side to create a rack width unit.

Genesis One is housed in an extruded and machined aluminium chassis with fully functional display showing in-coming voltage, THD and mains frequency and out-going voltage, THD and power consumption.



  • Number of outlets 1+ linking outlet
  • Outlet (sine wave generation) 100W
  • Mains inlet 10A IEC C14
  • Mains voltage 100 to 240V depending upon model
  • Mains frequency 50 to 60Hz depending upon model
  • Dimensions 75 x 125 x 470mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight (boxed)  10Kg

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