Gutwire Audio Cables Consummate Ground

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The Gutwire Audio Cables Consummate Ground, for those who accept no compromise.

By using more, higher quality conductors and a special noise absorbing material in the jacket, we’ve achieved our goal of a reference level Ground Cable.

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Gutwire Audio Cables Consummate Ground

The Gutwire Audio Cables Consummate Ground delivers the ultimate in finesse, resolution and tonal purity. Created for the finest components available, the Consummate Ground is a must for true music lovers.


Review – The Audiophile Man

“Every time I attach a well-designed anti-noise ancillary to my reference system, I hear an increase in sound quality due to the lowering of the noise floor. Remove the rubbish and, every time, sonics are enhanced. The installation of the Gutwire Consummate achieved that goal and then some. The Consummate took the sound to a new level, certainly more impressive than either of the Perfect and Ultimate cables, as good as they are for the cash. The naturalism of the Consummate cable, the new layering and the improvement in imagery was impressive indeed…”  +Read more


  • Conductors: 101%IACS Pure Copper
  • Shield Coverage: Mylar Metallic braid shielding
  • Insulation: Air
  • Sleeve: Noise Reduction Sleeve
  • AC Connector: Furutech FI-28M(G), FI-E38(G)(Schuko), Furutech FI-UK(G) UK1363 or Furutech FI-AU3112(G) (AU/NZ)
  • Connector: WBT-0108 RCA, Furutech FP-601M(G) or FP-602F(G) XLR, Furutech FT-211(G) Spade, Furutech FT-212(G) Banana, Clip Extensive use of natural minerals: Rare Earth Element Composition, Amethyst and Binchotan

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm

Gutwire Audio Cables

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