Entreq Silver Minimus Ground Box

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Entreq Silver Minimus Ground Box has become the industry leader in equipment grounding and have received many international awards and industry endorsements.

Inside is a secret mixture of different metals that ground your signal with a huge impact on sound quality. Entreq have found that attaching drain wires remove unwanted pollutants, stray magnetic currents and impedance fluctuations before they contaminate the sound of your stereo

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Entreq Silver Minimus Ground Box

Grab a Entreq Silver Minimus Ground Box. Your system will sound more real with a larger sound stage, better instrument definition, placement, improvements in phrasing and subtle nuances are evident. The flow and musically of the system is also improved. Once you have experienced the sonic impact that the Entreq system conditioners have on your system its hard to live without them.

The Minimus and Silver Minimus are the entry level units with a single ground point. Typically they are found connected to one of your unused RCA inputs on your amplifier or a spare outlet of your CD player/DA Converter, though they can be connected to almost anything. The Silver Minimus has more silver content inside and will usually have a more profound impact on the sound quality of your system.

When additional Entreq ground boxes are added or larger ground boxes such as the Silver Tellus or Olympus Minimus are used the system noise floor lowers to such a level you will be surprised to hear music on your familiar recordings that you did not think was on the recording.



  • 1 x Copper grounding terminal
  • Dimensions 80 x 170 x 190 mm ( H x W x D)
  • Weight 2.0 kg
  • Finished in light Oak

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 17 × 8 cm


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