To make it sound better we must work with the nature and the physical laws not against them.

Founded 1999, a truly Swedish company. Entreq are one of the very few companies that develop, manufacture, and produce all products in-house in Sweden.

Rapallo | EntreqEntreq is a family company, and we have no investors who can force us produce stuff we do not believe in. If it not feel´s right in the heart, we not work with it. As in Ricky Nelsons song, Garden Party “you can’t please everyone, you have to please yourself”.

But of course, we are so happy and pleased each time there are other who likes what we do. It means we are on right way and also it is such a good feeling make someone happy and pleased. When we get a mails from customers who say thanx and tell they are happy, it is the best payment you can get.

We at Entreq trust more what we hear and experience than what the gauges tell us. In the end of the day, If it sounds better, it is better. Simple as that. No doubt.


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