Entreq Olympus Minimus Ground Box

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Entreq Olympus Minimus Ground Box has become the industry leader in equipment grounding.

They and have received many international awards and industry endorsements.


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Entreq Olympus Minimus Ground Box

The Entreq Olympus Minimus Ground Box is the flagship of the compact ground boxes. It utilises a completely different mineral mixture compared to the Tellus range and it features a single solid silver ground post.

Inside is a secret mixture of different metals that ground your signal with a huge impact on sound quality. Entreq have found that attaching drain wires remove unwanted pollutants, stray magnetic currents and impedance fluctuations before they contaminate the sound of your stereo.

In a good system the difference between an Olympus Minimus and a Silver Minimus or even an Olympus Ten is not subtle at all, quite the opposite! The Olympus Minimus will deliver huge performance gains by the sheer volume of noise and pollutants it removes from the signal path.

Grounding an integrated amp, DAC or phono stage on an Olympus Minimus is such a big upgrade. It will literally let you hear the connected components unleash their potential for the first time. It lowers the noise floor, increases dynamics and clarity and opens up the soundstage. Pulling micro detail and subtle nuances in the recording out of the system like never before. Once you’ve tried an Olympus Minimus in your system for a few days, you will never want to take it out!!

Replace the standard wooden binding post on the back of an Olympus Minimus with either an Everest or K2 binding post and you will increase its performance even further.



  • Dimensions – 140mm x 220mm x 250mm
  • Ground Point – One
  • Weight – 9 Kg

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 25 × 22 × 14 cm


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