Entreq Silver Tellus Ground Box with 4 Silver binding posts

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The Silver Tellus has four dedicated outlets and can handle up to eight devices.

In addition to the enhanced design of the Silver Tellus, it also includes  30% more Silver in its specialist mineral mix. All of  these advancements have resulted in a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the Silver Tellus to reduce noise and gain better dynamic’s.

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Why use our Ground Box’s ?
You will get an improvement in dynamic’s, a lower noise floor and more natural flow in the sound.

Entreq believe that grounding is one of the key essentials in acquiring excellent sound quality in any hifi system, but conditions vary greatly from place to place. Firstly, it depends on conditions in the ground where the soil takes place, partly on the amount of pollution discharged into the underground network.

  • “. . .food for thought in a general sense, a no-brainer as an audio upgrade.” – Roy Gregory
  • “In my (very) humble opinion that’s exactly what they are, utterly amazing. Like I said before they are the single most important upgrade I have carried out in my system.” – Devialet Forum.


The ongoing research as well as extensive listening tests have proven conclusively that stable effective grounding can eliminate a multitude of noise, field effect & unwanted magnetic properties. After many years of research the team at Entreq released there own dedicated range of ground boxes & associated grounding cables. Each ground box offers specific levels of grounding, each relevant to the system or application required. Both the Minimus & Silver Minimus offer a single reference ground point only. This generally allows approximately two ground cables to be attached to a single box at any one time. The Silver Minimus offers a more effective ground point than the standard Minimus, with a lower noise floor being heard in the system.

The Tellus & Silver Tellus follow the hierarchical route shown by the Minimus & Silver Minimus. In the Silver Tellus we find the pinnacle of Entreq’s grounding technology, offering four grounding points & a quite incredible improvement in sound quality.

Ground cables sold separately. We recommend the Entreq ground cables available in

  • Copper cable or Silver
  • Spade to spade, 3.5mm to spade, or RCA/XLR to spade
  • Note: Entreq Silver Tellus can not replace protective ground.



Weight 22 Kg  W 43cm – H 14cm – D 31cm
Note : The careful choice of the “Ertha” cables used with the Silver Tellus is critical in obtaining its full potential in your system.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 31 × 43 × 14 cm


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