Topping PA7 Plus Power Amplifier

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Introducing the Topping PA7 Plus Power Amplifier, compact yet powerful audio solutions designed for those who crave top-notch performance without sacrificing space.

With a variety of advanced features and technologies, these amplifiers deliver crystal-clear sound, low distortion, and versatile input options to suit your needs.

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Topping PA7 Plus Power Amplifier

Both the Topping PA7 Plus Power Amplifier & PA7 feature a fully balanced Class D amplifier circuit with exclusive optimization techniques, providing powerful low distortion performance and output. This balanced structure minimizes noise during transmission, ensuring a cleaner, deeper sound and preserving the quality of your audio source.



Can be perfectly paired with the E70, E70 Velvet and L70 to instantly unlock a more comprehensive system of high quality music experiences, from digital sources to speakers and headphones



  • THD+N: <0.0004%
  • Inputs: XLR/TRS/RCA
  • Fully balanced
  • Two gain settings
  • High SNR and DNR Performance
  • Bypass Volume Control Function
  • 12V Trigger Input for Seamless Integration
  • Combo Connectors (Compatible with XLR and TRS) and RCA Connectors
Impressive Output Power in a Compact Package

Despite their small size, the PA7 series amplifiers pack a punch, delivering 210W x 2 (PA7) or 300W x 2 (PA7 Plus) to a 4-ohm load at 10% distortion. With a 1% distortion standard, the output is 200W x 2 (PA7) or 245W x 2 (PA7 Plus) for a 4-ohm load. These power outputs and low distortion levels are more than enough for most speakers and applications.

Multiple Input Options

The PA7 and PA7 Plus offer two sets of input connectors: Combo connectors (compatible with XLR and TRS) and RCA connectors, ensuring compatibility with a variety of audio sources.

Stack ‘Em Up

Pair the PA7 or PA7 Plus with the E70, E70 Velvet, and L70 for a comprehensive high-quality music system, utilizing XLR, TRS balanced, or RCA cables for signal transmission. Control the volume on the amplifiers or bypass their volume control to use a dedicated pre-amplifier.

12V Trigger Input for Seamless Integration

Both the PA7 and PA7 Plus feature a 12V Trigger input interface, allowing you to connect them with other devices for synchronized on/off switching.

PA7 vs PA7 Plus: Key Differences
  • Output Power: PA7 (210W x 2) | PA7 Plus (300W x 2)
  • SNR: PA7 (126dB) | PA7 Plus (127dB)
In the Box
  • PA7 Plus or PA7 Power Amplifier
  • Power Adapter
  • Power cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card



THD+N @1kHz (A-wt)

PA7 SE: <0.0005% @4Ω 20W, <0.0004% @8Ω 20W | BAL: <0.0004% @4Ω 20W, <0.0003% @8Ω 20W
PA7 Plus SE: <0.0005% @4Ω 20W, <0.0004% @8Ω 20W | BAL: <0.0004% @4Ω 20W, <0.0003% @8Ω 20W

THD+N @20kBW (No-wt)

PA7 SE: <0.009% @4Ω 20W, <0.004% @8Ω 20W | BAL: <0.009% @4Ω 20W, <0.004% @8Ω 20W
PA7 Plus SE: <0.009% @4Ω 20W, <0.004% @8Ω 20W | BAL: <0.009% @4Ω 20W, <0.004% @8Ω 20W

SNR @Max out 1kHz

PA7 SE: 123dB | BAL: 126dB
PA7 Plus SE: 124dB | BAL: 127dB

Dynamic range

PA7 SE: 123dB | BAL: 126dB
PA7 Plus SE: 124dB | BAL: 127dB

Frequency response

PA7 SE: 20-40kHz (±1.5dB) | BAL: 20Hz-40kHz (±0.3dB)
PA7 Plus SE: 20-40kHz (±1.5dB) | BAL: 20Hz-40kHz (±0.3dB)

Output level

PA7 SE: 83Vpp @4Ω, 89Vpp @8Ω | BAL: 83Vpp @4Ω, 89Vpp @8Ω
PA7 Plus SE: 90Vpp @4Ω, 91Vpp @8Ω | BAL: 90Vpp @4Ω, 91Vpp @8Ω

Noise (A-wt)

PA7 SE: <17uVrms | BAL: <17uVrms
PA7 Plus SE: <17uVrms | BAL: <17uVrms

Channel crosstalk @1kHz

PA7 SE: -96dB | BAL: -116dB
PA7 Plus SE: -96dB | BAL: -116dB

Input sensitivity

PA7 SE: 1.9Vrms | BAL: 3.8Vrms
PA7 Plus SE: 2Vrms | BAL: 4Vrms


PA7 SE: 25.7dB | BAL: 19.8dB
PA7 Plus SE: 25.7dB | BAL: 19.8dB

Channel balance

PA7 SE: 0.5dB | BAL: 0.5dB
PA7 Plus SE: 0.5dB | BAL: 0.5dB

Output power

PA7 210W x2 @4Ω THD+N<10% / 150W x2 @8Ω THD+N<10% / 200W x2 @4Ω THD+N<1% / 125W x2 @8Ω THD+N<1%
PA7 Plus 300W x2 @4Ω THD+N<10% / 165W x2 @8Ω THD+N<10% / 245W x2 @4Ω THD+N<1% / 135W x2 @8Ω THD+N<1%

Load impedance

PA7 4-8Ω
PA7 Plus 4-8Ω

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 20 × 4.1 cm


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