HDMI Wall Plate – Dual Port (w Coupler Cable)

$32.00 inc GST

Dual Port HDMI wall plate with 4 inch coupler cables.

This convenient wall plate has 2 female connectors on the front and in back for easy installation. Eliminate cable clutter by hiding your cables in-wall

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HDMI Wall Plate – Dual Port

Single Plate with two HDMI Ports

Finally on the market, HDMI Wall Plates
Combine it with our HDMI Cables, HDMI Adapters, and HDMI Switch and you’ll be able to go fully HDMI

HDMI wall plate with 4 inch coupler cable. This convenient wall plate has a female connector on the front and in back for easy installation. Eliminate cable clutter by hiding your cables in-wall. This clean looking wall plate will give your home theater a professionally installed look.

Adding HDMI wall plate jacks in your home or office can be very difficult due to the shape and style of the HDMI connector itself. This unique wall plate has a flexible gender changer (female to female) built into the back so you can use standard HDMI cable.

Premium Duel Port 2 x HDMI Wall Plate for the Professional Home Theatre installations

Check out our full range of HDMI Cables all compatible with this Wallplate.

We are proud to introduce our new range of increasing popular Home Theatre Wall Plates. These wall plates mountings are specifically designed for media room installations to give that professional touch.

Easy Installation – No Soldering

Installing one of our AV Wallplates couldn’t be easier as all our wallplates feature Female to Female connectors – meaning there’s no Soldering, just connect any standard Male to Male cable from one wallplate to another. This full range of wall plates has female connectors front and back so you can use pre-terminated cables instead of requiring fiddly soldering work on bare cables.

Once you have attached the wall-plate bracket to the wall, simply connect your Male to Male HDMI cables between the two wall plates (running along the inside of your wall) and you have a Female HDMI Socket ready to connect any HDMI device!

The removable cover plates make for easy and professional installation allowing you to remove the cover when painting, no need for masking off and no danger of getting paint on the facier.

Ideal for running cables through the walls, floor or the roof when wiring up Home Theatre Audio and Video connections.

This HDMI mounting wall plate supports the appearance of a professional installation.


Colour: White
Single port
4 inch / 10.16 cm extension
Mounting screws included
Route your HDMI cable behind the drywall for a cable-free environment.
Wall plate has a perfect fitting with the standard outlet / light switch.
The built-in 4 inch extension cable allows HDMI connection from any angle.
Reversible design lets you extend the 4 inch HDMI cable from the wall or hidden behind the wall.

Beware of Cheap Imitations:
1.Our wall plates meet all environmental conservation world standards. Some cheaper brands are made from reclaimed materials, ours are not


***For installation you require a Mounting Bracket***

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm


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