Lumagen RadiancePro Video Processor

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The Radiance Pro is the newest version and features up to 8 HDMI inputs, 4 HDMI processed outputs, and 6 HDMI switched (unprocessed) outputs.

All support 2160p60 (4K Ultra HD) and support up to HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2. All Radiance Pro models are 2U height with a 17” wide rack mountable case (with optional rack ears), similar form factor to the (now discontinued) Radiance XD/XE.


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There are no analog inputs/outputs. The rest of the features are very similar to the 21xx series. Some differences include:

  • The new HDMI 2.0 chips are from Silicon Image and have an internal microprocessor with reprogrammable flash memory. This will allow Lumagen to provide updates when Silicon Image provides a new release and should help to eliminate compatibility issues. Some back story: Before with HDMI 1.X chips each company had to implement much of the HDMI protocols on its own. Often the HDMI specification, or the HDMI chip specifications, left a lot to the imagination. This meant each company had to make independent decisions on how to do their implementation based on incomplete specifications. Now with the internal processor being programmed by the chip manufacturer, and its processor doing virtually all the HDMI compatibility work, issues should be dramatically reduced. Even more so for the Radiance Pro when connected to other products that use the new Silicon Image HDMI 2.0 chips, which many will.
  • The inputs are on “dual input” daughter cards and the outputs are on “dual output” daughter cards. This allows upgrades to be offered when new HDMI technology becomes available. It also allows replacing a single input/output card if there is a surge event that takes out an input/output, rather than the entire unit.
  • The Radiance Pro can have up to eight inputs, and four “processed” outputs. Just as the previous Radiance units have two outputs that can output audio and/or video from the same source, these four outputs also output the same processed video and/or audio stream. Having four outputs allows for a projector, a TV, a Receiver/Audio-processor, and a spare.
  • There can be up to six additional zones of switched (only) outputs on some models. These are independent and give the Radiance Pro up to seven independent zones. This is useful for installers as it avoids the need for a separate matrix switch. An example would be a home with 7 TVs where only 2 will ever be in use at once. Only 2 sets of source devices is therefore required (not 7) which lowers the cost. The Radiance Pro is then used to direct these sources to whichever TVs are in use.

The Radiance Pro features much faster switching than previous models as there is no GF9450 deinterlacing chip to have to setup and wait for.



  • Remote Control
  • Universal power supply
  • USB cable for updating
  • Manual
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Optional 18Ghz input card(s)
  • Optional 18Ghz output card(s)
  • 18Ghz output card has 1 video+audio and 1 audio out versus 2 video+audio outputs of 9Ghz output card


-Up to eight 4k60 inputs
-Up to four 4k60 processed outputs
-Up to six switched (unprocessed) HDMI outputs
-Up to seven independent zones (processed outputs are one zone, plus up to six switched zones)
-Inputs and outputs support HDMI 1.x and HDMI 2.0, with HDCP 1.x or HDCP 2.2, at up to 4k60
-Outputs are independently programmable for video, audio, or both
-Modular I/O allows upgrading to new HDMI technology as it becomes available
-Proprietary Lumagen NoRing™ scaling
-DARBEE Digital Visual Presence (DVP) enhancement technology for up to 2K sources
-Picture-In-Picture (PiP) and Picture-Outside-Picture (PoP) with 4k sources (future update)
-Supports complete processing of 2D or 3D sources on processed outputs
-10 bit front-end, with 12+ bits in calibration pipeline
-Per-pixel SD/HD video deinterlacing (future update)
-4913 point (17x17x17) CMS
-21-point Parametric Grayscale calibration
-Anamorphic screen support for up to 4k sources with and without an anamorphic lens
-Supports complete processing of 2D and 3D sources
-Optional dual 12V trigger outputs
-Rack mountable (2U) case, with optional rack ears
-High reliability external power supply rated at 34 years MTBF by manufacturer

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm