Kordz ONE Series HDMI Cable

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The Kordz ONE Series HDMI Cable makes performance possible with compactness and flexibility for plug and play requirements

Each Kordz ONE Series cable is individually tested in line with the strict Kordz production process and backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.

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Kordz ONE Series HDMI Cable

The Kordz ONE Series HDMI Cable features flexibility, compactness and HDMI certification, delivering an installation essential that makes performance possible.

Each ONE Series HDMI is constructed through a strict production process and includes High Speed with Ethernet in lengths up to 3m (9’10”) for 2160p (4K) support and backed by HDMI certification and the Kordz Lifetime Guarantee.

The ONE series HDMI Cable by Kordz redefines connectivity in the digital age. Crafted with precision and engineered for optimal performance, this cable is a testament to Kordz’s commitment to quality.

Designed to transmit flawless audio and video signals, it ensures a vivid and lifelike viewing experience. The ONE series boasts high-speed data transfer capabilities, making it ideal for 4K Ultra HD content up to 3 meters, gaming, and high-fidelity audio. Its robust construction and advanced shielding techniques provide exceptional durability and minimize interference, guaranteeing a stable and reliable connection.

With sleek, low-profile connectors and a flexible yet sturdy build, the ONE series HDMI Cable not only delivers exceptional performance but also seamlessly integrates into any home entertainment setup. Elevate your audiovisual experience with the ONE series, where excellence in design meets cutting-edge technology.




  • Engineered and constructed to ensure installation success and ease
  • High Speed with Ethernet in lengths to 3m (9’10”) for 2160p (4K) support
  • Standard with Ethernet with operational support to 1080p/60 up to 10m (32’9”)
  • Infrared soldered pin transitions for benchmark inter-terminal uniformity
  • PVC boot shell assembly with folded nickel plated HDMI connector
  • 100% of units tested on the production line for electrically continuity on all pins with 1080p/60 application test
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Licensed HDMI 2.0 Adopter company



  • HDMI CTS Certification: High Speed with Ethernet
  • Certified Data Rate: 3.4Gbpsc, 10.2Gbps aggregate
  • Supported Data Rate: > 3.4Gbpsc (4K UHD)
  • Supported HDMI Clock: 27-340MHz

HDMI COMPLIANCE: 5.0m – 10m lengths

  • HDMI CTS Certification: Standard with Ethernet
  • Certified Data Rate: 0.7425Gbpsc, 2.25Gbps aggregate
  • Supported Data Rate: >1.485Gbpsc (1080p/60)
  • Supported HDMI Clock: 27-148.5MHz


  • Cable Diameter: Cable gauge dependent
  • Mounting Length: Cable gauge dependent
  • Cable Bend Radius: Cable gauge dependent
  • Retention Force (nominal): 9.9N (1kg / 2.2lbs) +10/-5%


  • Primary Conductors: Solid 32-26AWG OFC, length dependent
  • Insulation on TMD: Polyolefin/Foamed PE/PE, length dependent
  • Insulation on 4C + HEAC Pairs: Polyolefin/Foamed PE/HDPE, length dependent
  • Shielding on TMDS Pairs: Al/Mylar
  • Shielding Overall: AL/Mylar + AL braid 80% coverage
  • Cable Jacket: PVC – ≤ 3.0m lengths/UL CMG-rated – 5.0m-10.0m legnths
  • HDMI Connector Shell: PVC Injection moulded, Nickel plated connector plate
  • HDMI Connector Pins: Solid OFC, 15μ” 24K Gold plated
  • Termination: Contactless IR induction soldering
  • HDMI Backshell: PVC boot strain relief

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm


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