Audioquest Perch Black Headphone Stand

$240.00 inc GST

Audioquest’s headphone stand, the “Perch” has taken the headphone world by storm.

Renowned for it’s style, simplicity and functionality, the Perch has all the features you look for in a headphone stand and elimenates many of the issues that come with common headphone stands. This headphone stand design is perfect for use with the NightHawk and NightOwl but really is just perfect for any headphone

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Audioquest Perch Black Headphone Stand

The Audioquest Perch Black Headphone Stand—a headphone stand ideal for safely storing and displaying NightHawk, NightOwl, and other headphones. With its heavy base of die-cast zinc, tall strong steel frame, and curved eco-leather headband support, Perch provides an attractive, structurally sound foundation for any headphone, regardless of earcup size, headband construction, or cable length.

Many popular headphone stands are designed a way that causes the accompanying headphone to hang askew or forces the headband to open wide, thereby gradually misshaping the headpad and earpads, and placing undue tension on the headband. Over time, such headphone stands can actually harm their accompanying headphone, straining the important ergonomic elements that contribute to comfort and wearability.

Perch Black Headphone Stand, however, allows the headphone to rest naturally, evenly distributing its weight across the entire headpad, never placing stress on the band, and ultimately preserving the headphone’s structural integrity.

Further, unlike other designs that require the owner use two hands merely to place or remove headphones, Perch’s design allows for simple one-handed access.



  • Easily and safely accommodates all headphones
  • High-quality materials
  • Heavy base provides stability

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm


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