Dan Clark Audio ETHER C Flow Closed Backed Headphones

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The Dan Clark Audio ETHER C Flow Closed Backed Headphones is their flagship closed-back headphone.

With the best isolation Innerfidelity measured in a closed headphone, ETHER C Flow not only delivers flagship sound quality, but offers the best passive noise reduction in the industry, making it a great headphone where external noise, or bothering others with your music, is a concern.


Dan Clark Audio ETHER C Flow Closed Backed Headphones

The Dan Clark Audio ETHER C Flow Closed Backed Headphones were built on their critically acclaimed ETHER C headphone chassis. It features their second-generation TrueFlow technology for a dramatically improved sonic experience. The chassis is machined aluminum for durability and maximum sound quality, and the rigid carbon fiber cup adds mechanical strength and isolation to keep the noisy world around you at bay.


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Is is still the best closed planar headphone in the business for my money but this time Dan has added a bit of more of the fun factor” – – Marcus, Headfonics.com

I’ve been listening to new ground-breaking headphones since, well, Sennheiser 414s. Every time the intention was that they were better than the one before, otherwise there would be no point. All I had heard before these were closed back, heavy and tight fitting ‘head vices’ that had bass, middle and no definition for my young 20kHz ears to benefit from. Whether Koss, Dynatron, Binatone or Winthrop, none of them actually sounded right for me. Indeed, until the 1980’s the BBC regularly issued Bakelite headphones to sound engineers, which really worried me.” – Hifi Pig Magazine // March 10, 2016



  • V-Planar Driver Processing – Improves Bass Response And Lowers Distortion
  • TrueFlow V2 – Increases Resolution and Improves Dynamics
  • Titanium, Aluminum, & Carbon – Ultralight, Yet Ultra-Strong

Like all Dan Clark Audio headphone designs, we place a premium on reducing weight as decreased weight increases comfort and allows for more enjoyable, and longer, listening sessions. ETHER C Flow weighs in at only 380gr, half the weight of one competitive TOTL closed planar headphone, but the extensive use of exotic materials like Titanium and carbon fiber mean it’s just as strong yet way easier on the noggin. And industry-leading noise isolation makes it perfect to for use at home or on the road.


ETHER C Flow is a full-size headphone, but it packs into a compact case that makes it an excellent travelling companion to go where you go, in style. With industry-leading isolation from noise, and very low “leakage,” whether your couch surfing, mastering your latest album, or just wanting some peace and quiet on a flight, ETHER C Flow lets you do it in style.


Every Dan Clark Audio planar magnetic headphone is powered by a 100% proprietary driver. No off the shelf parts stuck into a new enclosure here – our drivers are designed in-house, and feature:

  • Second generation TrueFlow driver optimizes sound quality with greater detail retrieval, smoother tone, and lower distortion
  • Super efficient transducer keeps weight down by reducing magnet size
  • Patented V-Planar driver processing textures the driver surface for superior low frequency performance and improved diaphragm stability



  • Driver: 71mm x 45mm single-ended planar magnetic
  • Driver matching: +/-1.5dB to target curve, channel matched to 0.5dB weighted 30-9KHz
  • THD: less than 0.2% 20-20KHz
  • Cable: 2m 4.4mm Balanced VIVO Cable
  • Headband: Titanium
  • Baffle: Aluminum
  • Cup: Carbon Fiber
  • Earpads: Japanese Synthetic Protein Leather
  • Weight: 380gr
  • IN THE BOX: ETHER C Flow Headphone / Carrying case / VICO Cable with your choice of termination / Manual / Tuning kit / Cleaning Cloth

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 15 cm

Dan Clark Audio

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