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ELAC Debut-Excellence on a budget

ELAC DebutIf you are anything around my age, you remember the Elac logo from a long and distant time ago. German brand Elac goes back 90-years to be exact. Last time we heard of them was a few decades ago as purveyor of the long-extinct Elac/Miracord turntables. But Elac is back and we are about to know it!


Say ELAC and you hear the name Andrew Jones. Andrew Jones is quite the name in speaker circles. If there were rock stars in the audio world, then there’s no question that legendary speaker designer Andrew Jones would be among the biggest. Now, he is working with ELAC and has produced two brand new lines of speakers for them: The Debuts and the Uni-Fi’s (still to be released later this year).

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The secret to an out-of-this-world home theatre experience

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Conventional wisdom out there says that a new home theatre should have a 16:9 projector and a 16:9 screen. While for some people that might absolutely be the right choice, it is good to be aware that there are other options worth considering and they could well provide a much more dramatic viewing experience.

Almost all of the LCD flatscreen TVs are in the 16:9 format and just because of this 16:9 seems to have become the de facto standard.

There are two good alternatives worth considering depending on the type of material you prefer to watch; they could well be the better option for you.

Which of these formats is best for you? We’ll lay out the options and help you decide which way to go.

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