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Rapallo’s top 5 Home theatre-lover’s Christmas gifts

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We haven’t forgotten about the home theatre fans when we wrote our audiophile Christmas top 5 ideas blog earlier. We just have a habit of finding too many exciting things to talk about and therefore having to cover our insights over the course of a couple of weeks. Audio and video have been separated on this occasion, but we sure hope that won’t dampen the fun. We hereby unleash our top 5 video Christmas idea. We hope you feel inspired. 


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Rapallo’s top 5 Audio-lover’s Christmas gifts




The silly season is upon us again and with that comes the task of coming up with some excellent gift ideas. We have taken all the hard work out of it and put together some ideas for all audiophiles young and old. We’re sure something will grab your attention. After all, who does not appreciate the joy of listening to some outstanding sound quality? 


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