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What will 2017 bring?

Onkyo Diamond headphones

Another year, another CES Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. What makes CES interesting is that it often gives us a glimpse into what the new year might bring as far as new products and trends . Obviously not everything that gets thrown around at CES sticks, but it definitely is an interesting place for people who love to keep up with the latest and greatest in tech.


While we would love to have a chat with you about ‘Buddy the robot’ or about all the things Amazon Alexa can do, CES is also the place where AV brands often introduce new technology and announce new product releases. Of course, that’s what takes our interest. 

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Rapallo's Speaker Cable Vlog

speaker cable

While many of you know the ins and outs of all things AV, it’s good to remember that we all started with the easy stuff at some stage.

To help our new AV enthusiasts with the initial connection of their AV receiver to their speakers we put together a YouTube Vlog that goes back to the very basics of how to connect speakers to an AV receiver.

We have 3 short tutorials for you: ‘How to connect speaker cables to your speakers and AV receiver’, ‘different types and qualities of speaker cable’ and ‘how to use banana plugs’. 

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