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Rapallo's Audiovisual Installation Service - Meet Graham

AV installations

We’re changing things up a little this week.

 We thought it is time we introduce you to the latest member of the Rapallo family; Graham Ellis.

Graham is working alongside Bart, doing our professional AV Installations.

Just like the rest of the Rapallo team, Graham is very passionate about Home Theatres and AV in general as well as Happy Customers. Graham is just the nicest guy in the world and he brings truckloads of experience and wisdom to the table. Needless to say, we are pretty excited to have him on board. 

But maybe, the best thing to do is let him do some of the talking himself. We fired a few questions at him. 

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Network Audio Players: CD’s, NAS, Streaming join forces!

Cambridge Audio

So you have a bookcase full of CDs, you have thousands of songs downloaded on your computer at home, maybe you have spent some time ripping the CDs to your PC and subsequently you have a music streaming subscription such as TIDAL, or Spotify. 

Here is your dilemma, you don’t want to totally forget about your beautiful, collection of Compact Discs, or disregard your iTunes collection of songs.

This recent problem gave birth to a new type of hi fi component: The Network Audio Player.

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