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Satellite speakers: Small size, good sound?

SVS Satellite

It is surprising to observe that the world of AV and home theatre is susceptible to ‘fashion’ just as much as interior design or the latest shoe trends.


I am not talking about the roller coaster that is surround sound and the likes or 4K, if not 8K. I am talking about how people currently seem to have gone off tower speakers for their home theatre and it’s all bookshelves that is the flavour of the moment.


We have previously talked about the choice of bookshelves vs. towers, but there is also the dilemma of choosing between a sound bar, a pair of satellites or a pair of bookshelves. 

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The ultimate AV-receiver buying list


A new AVR might be on the top of your Christmas wish list. It is arguably the most important part of your AV set up and home theatre. Brands seem to launch updated version of their AVR’s just about every year. But deciding on what you really need as opposed to being pulled into the next fancy marketing thing, when it is time for an upgrade can do anybody’s head in.


A few weeks ago, we bumped into an excellent article on AVS forums which quick-fired 10 points to consider when shopping for AVRs. It is almost a ticking list of things to consider. We thought it was just excellent and wanted it share it with you, adding our own comments, examples and experiences.


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