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The Francis Family Home Theatre - A dream in the making

Francis Family Home theatre

Twenty years ago, while living in the UK, a dream was born: James was living in an apartment with a simple CRT TV, as most of us did. But being an engineer and a lover of all things digital, he wasn’t satisfied with that. He was dreaming of a lot more.

The day James drove 3.5 hours each way up to north of England to buy his first Denon AVR and 5.1 KEF Egg speaker package, he knew he was getting seriously hooked on the idea of one day getting a dedicated home theatre.

Small steps were taken along the road, but it wasn’t until the end of 2015 that he saw his chance of fulfilling his long held dream. 

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Hi-Res Audio explained

Elac Discovery music serverYou've no doubt seen the expression 'high-res audio' thrown around a fair amount in recent years and chances are that was in relation to Jay-Z's Tidal streaming service, Neil Young's Pono media player, or the latest smartphones.

You may even have noticed a little gold and black 'Hi-Res Audio' logo alongside some products. But is Hi-Res Audio really such a big deal? Should you pay attention to it? And what does it actually mean? 

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