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Harrisville Home Theatre

The Harrisville Home Theatre Project started like most. A quick visit to Rapallo with the statement “I am building a new house and I want…. “. So we helped the client through the initial steps of the project all the way through to room completion.

We came onsite to scope the work and went thru the clients needs. There were some challenges to due to door placements and some architectural constraints but we came up with solutuns and then presented them back. Post this we have a few conversations on the specs and styles with final approval then given. The project consisted of a home theatre space with configured around a 140″ screen and in the 7.1.2 format for the sound.

Our teams came onsite to do the initial pre-wire after the roof was on and while the framing was still exposed. Post painting and gibstopping, we installed all the speakers (included custom painted grilles) and then finally once all the dust was settle in the build, we did the final install, setup and calibration. Next on the list of two-do’s, once the client has finished the build & landscaping, is the room acoustics for the theatre room.

Project Components – Harrisville Home Theatre

The Harrisville Home Theatre project consisted of the following Rapallo AV Design & Build services:

  • Onsite Consultation – to ensure the setup matches the clients brief and the environment its being used
  • Product Selection & Advice
  • Project Management
  • Installation & setup
  • Testing and training
  • Post Installation Support

This project was managed by Tokorua Lambert. For a similar project or if you have another project you’d like us to look at, then give Tokorua a call on 09 2744515 or via email tokorua@rapalloav.co.nz

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