Wave High Fidelity 1m STREAM Premium Dual BNC cables

$1,799.00 inc GST

The Wave High Fidelity 1m STREAM Premium Dual BNC cables are intended to enhance the Chord Hugo MScaler or Chord Blu Mk2 MScaler.

Following the success of the STORM Reference cables these STREAM Premium cables have been developed as a more affordable option for the Hugo MScaler.


Wave High Fidelity 1m STREAM Premium Dual BNC cables

At the heart of the Wave High Fidelity 1m STREAM Premium Dual BNC cables are a very high quality copper conductor to allow a strong digital signal. A foil screen is incorporated for high frequency shielding together with a mesh screen for low frequency isolation. The result is a true 75 ohm cable.

Many identify the effects of RF interference as a harsh sound similar to digital glare which ultimately makes the music sound fatiguing.

The presence of RF noise can sometimes be mistaken for detail or a widened sound stage but this is merely an artefact of the interference and is not true detail. Many say that the presence of RF is most easily recognised when it is eradicated. In other words listen with your normal cable and then try the WAVE STREAM Premium cable. Most instantly hear the difference saying the music sounds darker, more relaxed and with more detail coming through.

Owners of the cables also report that the bass is deeper and has more detail. A vague desire to turn the volume down is instead replaced by a desire to turn the volume up which in my experience is always a sure sign that the RF noise has been eliminated from the system. Indeed I now find that I can listen at higher volume levels without the music ever appearing ‘loud’. Rock music actually sounds like rock music should and classical music is allowed to be played at realistic concert levels all without harshness.

Each WAVE STREAM Premium digital cable incorporates ferrites to filter out RF interference. These ferrites are carefully selected to target the specific problem frequencies. The ferrites are tightly fitting on the cable which increases their effectiveness. The WAVE ferrites are different to clip on split ferrites which are often targeting the wrong frequencies which are loose fitting.  Clip on ferrites also pinch the dielectric and the screen is brought closer to the central conductor at the pinch points resulting in a changed cable characteristic.

  • The pictures of our cables probably explain the options most easily. The internal construction, performance and price are identical for all versions.
  • Cables are delivered in a robust double wall cardboard box and foam liner.
  • Although the Hugo MScaler has some internal RF isolation and filtering, the WAVE cables are still able to further remove harshness, fatigue and other issues caused by residual RF noise.
  • The 1m STREAM Premium Dual BNC cables can be used successfully on the Chord Blu Mk2 MScaler but the WAVE STORM Reference cables remain the ultimate cable for use with the Blu Mk2.


**The cables are custom made and delivery is normally within 10 to 14 days. After order and payment you will be notified by email with tracking information when the cables are dispatched.** 


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With the 1m cable, listening was a pure joy.  Virtually all of the granularity and harshness disappeared leaving a very pleasing silky presentation.  These cables work, and work well.  There will be endless discussions over whether it is right or necessary to pay another £895 to get already expensive products from the same manufacturer to work together properly but in my opinion the 1m cable brings such benefits sonically that your price is justified.” Donna, UK. WAVE STREAM Premium dual BNC cables with Chord Hugo MScaler.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 cm

Wave High Fidelity

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