Topping A70 PRO Desktop Amplifier

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The Topping A70 PRO Desktop Amplifier is a fully balanced headphone amplifier that delivers incredible power output and precise control.

With the T’ang-ku-la Module, ultra-low noise input stage, and customizable settings, this powerhouse amplifier takes your listening experience to new heights.

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Best in nz

The service I got was amazing, go here above all else. After being burned elsewhere Rapallo sorted me out instantly with amazing communication and fast shipping. The product is great, paired with the d70. I love how they stack, love the front panel screen and the 4.4mm and 6.3mm and XLR headphone outputs. Have had no issues using this product, no noise at all, heat is so minimal it's not worth mentioning.

Craig G.


Topping A70 PRO Desktop Amplifier

The Topping A70 PRO Desktop Amplifier and D70 Pro Sabre are the perfect pair for your audio setup. When combined, the TOPPING A70 Pro Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier and D70 Pro SABRE DAC create the ultimate audio duo. The A70 Pro’s powerful amplification and the D70 Pro’s high-quality digital-to-analog conversion work seamlessly together to deliver an incredible listening experience.


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  • Unprecedented high power output: 17000mW x 2
  • Vanishingly low distortion
  • Relay volume control
  • Two gain settings
  • T’ang-ku-la Module for improved performance
  • Re-optimized circuit architecture
  • Ground loop noise elimination
  • Expandable inputs with Ext90 input expansion
  • Can function as a headphone amp or preamp
  • 12V Trigger for seamless device synchronization
T’ang-ku-la Module

T’ang-ku-la means a mountain that an eagle cannot fly over, the source of the Yangtze River. It symbolizes our spirit of climbing the peak and the ultimate performance of T’ang-ku-la module.

The T’ang-ku-la Module uses a new three-stage feedback circuit. Further reducing noise and high frequency distortion, making the dynamic range rise to an unmatched 147dB new realm. The new technology greatly reduces heat generation, thus greatly improving reliability, extending electronic component life, and reducing thermal noise.

Re-optimized new circuit architecture

Newly developed ultra-low noise input stage further improved the noise performance of balanced input and increased the input impedance to 20k devices. The gain architecture has also been redesigned to further reduce noise and distortion at high gain states than the previous architecture.

Ground Loop Noise Disappearing Magic

When multiple devices are used in combination, ground loop noise may be encountered. A70 Pro adds a GND/LIFT switch, when ground loop noise is encountered switch to LIFT and the noise will disappear.

T’ang-ku-la Relay volume control

A70 Pro uses relays and resistor networks to form R2R volume control module, which providing precise volume control, long service life, and will not deviate even at low volume.

Independent volume memory

The A70 Pro can memorize 8 sets of volume separately and automatically revert to the last used volume the next time the output is selected. Press and hold the C1/C2 button on the
remote control for 3 seconds to save the current status(Includes input channels, output channels, volume levels, and all settings in the setup menu), After successfully saving, press C1/C2 to use the corresponding settings.

Low Noise

Actual noise level of A70 Pro <0.2uVrms @G=L, <0.8uVrms @G=H Excellent performance at both high and low gain. At an output voltage of 50mV, the A70 Pro achieves a far superior dynamic range of 106.3dB.

Expandable inputs

The A70 Pro has one set of balanced XLR and one set of single-ended RCA inputs. But with the Ext90 input expansion, you get a total of four balanced XLR and two single-ended RCA inputs.
*The Ext90 needs to be purchased separately.

A Headphone Amp, also a Preamp

The A70 Pro drives headphones well, and it can also be used as a preamp. It has the same high performance as the headphone amp mode, with an RCA output impedance of only 50o and an XLR output impedance of only 100, allowing it to be used with a wide range of input impedance for various power amplifiers. In addition, a full-featured remote control makes operation even easier.

12V Trigger

A70 Pro has 12V Trigger input and output interface, which supports being triggered by other devices to switch on and off, and also supports actively triggering other devices to switch on and off synchronously.

Best match D70 Pro SABRE

A70 Pro and D70 Pro SABRE have identical design languages and can meet the needs of the vast majority of headphones and active speakers. The A70 Pro and D70 Pro SABRE can be switched on and off in conjunction via the 12V Trigger connector, allowing the A70 Pro to be synchronized with the D70 Pro SABRE for automatic or manual switching.



Rapallo | Topping A70 PRO Desktop Amplifier

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 20.6 × 21.7 × 5 cm


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