Technics SA-C600 Network CD Receiver + SB-C600E Speakers

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The Technics SA-C600 Network CD Receiver + SB-C600E Speakers brings you a wealth of music content with a single device.

Everything from records, CDs, and radio to music streaming and more besides—with a luxurious audio environment courtesy of Technics’ superior sound engineering.

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Technics SA-C600 Network CD Receiver + SB-C600E Speakers

The Technics SA-C600 Network CD Receiver + SB-C600E Speakers pack uses a fully digital amplifier incorporating Technics’ renowned digital audio technology.

Its digital transmission system processes signals fully digitally in all stages from input to output. Compared to analogue transmission, this system is less susceptible to signal degradation caused by external noise, ensuring more precise signal transmission. Accurate signal processing not only delivers high-resolution digital audio but also maintains the soft texture inherent in analogue recordings.

The SB-C600’s 2-way coaxial speaker unit realises clear sound image localisation and smooth and emotion-rich, high-quality sound, while inheriting the concepts of point sound source and linear phase that Technics pursues relentlessly.


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  • JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimisation)
  • Twin Power Supply Circuit System
  • Clean Powered Clock Generator
  • Built-in Phono Equaliser compatible with MM Cartridge
  • Space Tune™
  • Supports a Wide Range of Music Content
  • High Quality Parts – The network circuit uses an abundance of high-quality parts, such as polypropylene film capacitors, OFC wires and more. The speaker terminals are made of brass.
  • All Aluminum Diaphragms – The woofer and tweeter diaphragm are made of alumite-treated aluminum material for a unified tonal quality, and provides balanced sound like a full-range unit.
  • Highly Analysed and Optimised Components – To achieve accurate sound image localisation, structural parts such as spacers and wire grommets were analysed extensively for the elimination of undesirable vibrations and noise.
  • Mat Black Finish – The front baffle of the SB-C600’s enclosure is coated with a matte paint mixed with a powder for a beautiful matte finish.

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 60 cm


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