SpeakerCraft NICE SC4-100 4 Channel Amplifier

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The SpeakerCraft NICE SC4-100 4 Channel Amplifier is designed for flexibility and convenience for the vast majority of distributed audio and home entertainment applications.

It is powerful, easy to configure and install. The SC4-100 delivers up to 100 watts of power to each of four independent channels

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SpeakerCraft NICE SC4-100 4 Channel Amplifier

The SpeakerCraft NICE SC4-100 4 Channel Amplifier delivers up to 100 watts of power to each of four independent channels. It is bridgeable in pairs- doubling the output and enabling 2, 3 or 4-channel configuration.

Additionally, each channel has two selectable analog high pass filters. These filters are critical to optimize the performance of connected satellite speakers or subwoofers.

Without the hassle of DSP or ip. Independent level control allows you to trim the signal for lower output to small speakers or turn all the way up for max power. The amplifier is stable at a low impedance, so it can drive multiple satellite speakers or a subwoofer from each channel.

Preamp outputs on every channel allow for patching to an adjacent channel or sending the signal to another device. Audio sensing, and in and out triggers add power management convenience. Each channel has a signal and clipping indicator located on the stylish brushed aluminum front panel for easy troubleshooting and signal verification. Rack ears and tabletop feet are included for mounting options.

The SC4-100 4-chanel amplifier offers exceptional performance features, convenience, and flexibility in an elegant single rack mount chassis.


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Real World Power

The SC4-100 deploys four independent channels of up to 100 watts per channel peak and over 70 watts per channel continuous with an 8Ω load and all channels driven. The power nearly doubles when presented with a 4Ω load. The SC4-100 delivers more than enough power for the vast majority of architectural and outdoor speakers.

Bridgeable In Pairs

Each bridged pair delivers 200 watts of rated power with an 8Ω load, and all channels driven.

This enables configuration as a 2 x 200w two -channel amp, or a 1 x 200w + 2x 100w 3 channel amp for exceptional flexibility in the field. It is designed to operate with a wide range of impedance loads. So it can drive sub woofers and multiple satellite speakers simultaneously in a variety of configurations.

Analog Filtering

Rather than implementing complex and costly DSP which can degrade the signal, and is difficult to configure, the SC4-100 features two selectable analog audio circuits per channel that meet the filtering demands for most installations with the flip of a switch.

Each channel has a choice of two high pass filters. One rolls off at 20hz and is designed for subwoofers and large full range speakers with extended bass capabilities and will filter out in audible low frequencies and rumble that can overwork subwoofers and impede optimum performance in the audible range.

Freedom From Fan Noise

The oversized heat sinks inside the 2-channel amplifier allow the amplifier circuitry to stay cool even when operating into low impedance loads without the distracting noise created when using fan-cooled amplifiers.

Independent Level Controls

Each amplifier channel features an independent level control enabling precise volume matching the rest of the system. These level controls can also limit volume to prevent abuse of the system.

Reliable Connections

The SC4-100family features gold plated stereo inputs, cascade stereo outputs, and five way binding posts to ensure perfect connections without corrosion for years to come.

Turn-On Modes

The SC4-100 features three turn-on modes:
1. Music sense, 2. External voltage trigger, 3. Manual turn-on via the front panel switch. You can configure a SC4-100 to interface with any kind of system and have the unit automatically turn on.

Automatic Protection

The SC4-100 is equipped with sophisticated protection circuits. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, the amplifier shuts itself off. When conditions return to normal, regular operation resumes.

Status Display For Troubleshooting

Led indicators on the front panel indicate power- active status, and a protection warning. Channel – signal present (green) clipping (red). With a glance at the front panel, key information is presented.

Control Output

A 12-volt dc output is provided whenever the amplifier is on, allowing you to operate voltage triggered devices like motorized screens and curtains.



  • Max Power:  100W
  • Max Input Level:  1V
  • Rated Power:  70 W
  • Input Sensitivity:  0.08V
  • Gain:  30dB
  • THD+N:  0.05
  • Frequency Response at 1W:  20 – 20K
  • S/N Ratio:  98dB
  • Auto Sens Level:  5mV
  • Crosstalk at 1KHz:  80dB
  • Crosstalk at 100KHz:  70dB
  • Noise:  0.3mV
  • DIMENSIONS (DxWxH) 292 × 432 × 38 mm

What’s In The Box

  • (1) 4-Channel amplifier
  • (1) Detachable power cord
  • (1 set) Rack-mount hardware
  • User manual

Additional information

Weight 15.6 kg
Dimensions 29.2 × 43.2 × 38 cm


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