Rega Fono Mini A2D Phono Pre-amplifier with USB Interface

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The Rega Fono Mini A2D Phono Pre-amplifier is a compact high quality moving magnet disc stage with a circuit based on our multi award winning Fono MM.

Our best selling phono stage also includes a USB interface which allows you to transfer your beloved vinyl to digital audio files.


Analogue to Digital

The Rega Fono Mini A2D Phono Pre-amplifier is a high-quality phono pre-amplifier for use with any moving magnet cartridge. The addition of a USB interface allows you to easily transfer vinyl to your PC if required. The restyled Rega Fono Mini A2D Phono Pre-amplifier offers improved usability, exceptional performance and incredible value for money while promising to be a valuable addition to any hi-fi set up.


KEY FEATURES – Rega Fono Mini A2D Phono Pre-amplifier with USB Interface

  • Discrete Class A operational amplifiers and filters
  • Optimised for sonic performance
  • Audio grade electrolytic capacitors
  • Rega ‘K Power’ smoothing capacitors
  • Wide dynamic range, low distortion
  • Rega custom designed and CNC machined aluminium case work
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects


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Timing has always been one of the Fono Mini A2D’s defining talents – it delivers tracks with zest and enthusiasm without skipping a beat, and this latest revisiting only confirms it is yet to be bettered by its rivals.” – WHAT HI-FI?



To transfer vinyl to your PC, you will need to install a digital audio editor. Such software is widely available as a free download (such as Audacity), from the internet. This is a simple interface which allows monitoring of volume and balance whilst transferring your audio to your PC hard drive.

Audio editing software includes a level meter which indicates the output level achieved when playing a piece of vinyl. You should adjust the output as necessary via the ‘Level’ control located on the front panel. Always take special note of record levels to ensure optimum recording quality.



Input Sensitivity – 5 mV for 500 mV Output

Input Loading – 47 k +100 pF

Maximum input level – 70 mV @ 1 kHz

Output Impedance – 100 Ω

Signal to noise ratio – 78 dBA ref 5 mV

Power requirements – 24 V AC 85 mA

Input for full scale digital output – 7.5 mV

Dimensions (W × H × D) – 102 × 30 × 125 mm

Sample rate – 16bit 44.1kHz (48kHz max) when transferring files via USB.

For full technical specifications, download the User Manual (above)

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 10.2 × 3 cm


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