NETIO PowerPDU 4PS Smart Power Distribution Unit

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NETIO PowerPDU 4PS is a smart PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with four power outlets (4x IEC-320 C13).

Each output can be switched on/off individually. NETIO PowerPDU 4PS can be mounted in rack cabinets – horizontally, vertically, or as a 1U device. Integration into third-party systems using various protocols (JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, Telnet, …) is easy thanks to the open API. With the NETIO Cloud service, the outputs can be controlled from anywhere. The NETIO Cloud service, provided for a fee, uses SSL security and servers in Europe.

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NETIO PowerPDU 4PS Smart Power Distribution Unit can be configured with a web browser (allows output control, connection to NETIO Cloud, Open API communication settings, etc.).

The NETIO PowerPDU 4PS Smart Power Distribution Unit does not support electrical measurements. Each output can be individually switched on/off or power-cycled. To switch the outputs on in a sequence, a power-up delay can be configured for each output. The NETIO Mobile2 app controls each output individually over LAN (local network) or the NETIO Cloud service and the NETIO Cloud is a TLS-secured service for controlling the outputs from anywhere (Web or Open API).

Open API allows controlling the outputs over the network using various protocols (http XML/JSON, Modbus/TCP, MQTT, SNMP, Telnet and more. Plus, AV drivers make it easy to connect NETIO sockets to professional Audio/Video systems such as Neets, CRESTRON, Control4 and more.



  1. In IT, the smart PowerPDU 4PS is typically used to distribute electricity in a 19″ rack (cabinet) in a data center.
  2. The connected appliances can be restarted from the web interface (each output can be switched on / off or power-cycled).
  3. The outputs can be controlled with the Open API (JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, Telnet, …)
  4. The device can work with various third-party programs and applications  (NETIO Drivery).
  5. The outputs of several NETIO products can be controlled using the NETIO Mobile 2 app (Android), as long as the app is connected to the same network.
  6. The outputs of multiple devices can be controlled centrally using the NETIO Cloud service (for a fee).


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PowerPDU 4PS can be controlled over the local network using the NETIO Mobile 2 app (for Android mobile devices).

  • The mobile app can be used to control several PDU units and all their outputs
  • The mobile device must be connected to the same LAN (connect the phone/tablet via WiFi).
  • NETIO Mobile2 can scan the LAN and discover connected devices. WiFi connection to the LAN is required.


The switching of outlets can be time-controlled by the Scheduler with a graphical interface. Switching on/off at specific times can be easily configured.

  • Each output can have its own schedule, according which the output is switched
  • While Scheduler (calendar) is running, the output can be controlled from NETIO Cloud, web interface or Open API
  • The Scheduler does not require an internet connection (requires a time source – NTP server – for example a local ADSL / WiFi router)



  • LAN (RJ45): Yes
  •  WiFi: No
  •  Online demo: Yes
  •  Web: Built-in web server
  •  FW upgrade: Yes (via device WEB interface)
    Download: FW Archive
  •  Mobile app: NETIO Mobile2 (Android)
  •  Cloud connection needed for instalation: No
  •  Control button for each output: No
  •  Service: NETIO Cloud  (paid service, secured by TLS)
  •  Open API (M2M protocols)
  •  JSON over HTTP (default)
  •  MQTT-flex (extended MQTT, SSL enabled)
  •  HTTP Push JSON
  •  HTTP Push XML
  •  SNMP v1
  •  SNMP v3
  •  Modbus / TCP
  •  XML over HTTP
  •  URL API (http get) (outputs only)
  •  Telnet (outputs only, backwards compatibility with KSHELL)


  •  Lua support: No
  •  Scheduler function: Yes
  •  IP WatchDog function: No (planned)
  •  Sending emails: No
  •  Events Log: Yes (web)


  •  Power input: 1x IEC320 C14 na 110/230V (10A)
  •  Mechanical power switch: Yes
  •  Power output: 4x IEC-320 C13 (max 10A)
  •  Number of controlled outputs: 4
  •  Electrical measurement: No
  •  Number of metered outputs: 0
  •  Internal consumption: Max 1,8 W


  •  SPD – Surge protection: Yes, type 3
  •  Switching element: relay SPST-NO, ZVS
  •  ZVS (Zero voltage switching): Yes
  •  IOC (output state independent from FW update): Yes
  •  PowerUp state of outputs: On / Off / LAST state


  •  Mechanical characteristics: Metal housing, 220 x 40 x 120 mm
  •  Mounting position: Horizontal (1x / 2x) / vertical in a 19“ rack
  •  Protection: IP30
  •  Sound output: No
  •  Temperature range: -20°C to +65°C
  •  Designed and manufactured: European Union (Czech Republic , Prague)

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 12 × 22 × 4 cm


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