NETIO PowerPDU 4C Power Distribution Unit

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NETIO PowerPDU 4C Power Distribution Unit is a small 110/230V Power Distribution Unit.

Each of the four IEC-320 C13 outlets can be independently controlled (On / Off / Reset / Toggle). Electrical parameters (A, W, kWh, TPF, V, Hz) are measured with high accuracy at each outlet. The device features two LAN ports (and a built-in Ethernet switch) for connecting to a LAN.

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Each power output supports ZCS (Zero Current Switching) to protect the connected equipment. With the NETIO Cloud service, the outputs can be controlled from anywhere. The NETIO Cloud service, provided for a fee, uses SSL security and servers in Europe.

Outputs can be controlled in the device web administration, using a mobile app or over various M2M API protocols (REST API, SNMP, MQTT, Modbus/TCP and more). Custom Lua scripts can run directly in the NETIO PowerPDU 4C. As a special feature, NETIO PowerPDU 4C provides a RS-232 serial port (green 3-pin terminal block) that can be controlled with a Lua script or used as a TCP tunnel (remote serial port).



  1.  In IT, the NETIO 4C smart PDU is typically used to distribute electricity in a 19″ rack (cabinet) in a data center.
  2.  NETIO PowerPDU 4C is frequently used in conferencing rooms and in multimedia AV applications – whenever there is a need to individually control 110/230V electrical outlets from a master system (e.g. a control panel in the meeting room).
  3.  Typical applications also include energy metering for equipment monitoring (3D printer, lab equipment, …)
  4.  In the area of Digital signage or AV multimedia, companies often use NETIO sockets to control multimedia screens and to monitor their functionality (using power measurements). NETIO supports the publishing of drivers for most common systems in this field.
  5.  Remote or autonomous restarting of equipment in monitoring centers or information stands – at places that must operate 24/7 without outages (airports, shopping malls, railway dispatching centers, call centers, …)
  6.  NETIO is used to monitor (watchdog & measurement) and control a couple of devices such as light controller, filter pump, flow pump, heating etc. of a larger aquarium. The start-up behavior after a power failure and alert functions are also important.


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PowerPDU 4C can be controlled over the local network using the NETIO Mobile 2 app (for Android mobile devices). The mobile app can be used to control several PDU units and all their outputs. The mobile device must be connected to the same LAN (connect the phone/tablet via WiFi). NETIO Mobile2 can scan the LAN and discover connected devices. WiFi connection to the LAN is required. *For the moment, NETIO Mobile 2 is not available for iOS users. We recommend using third-party app


With the Scheduler (timer) function, each output can be individually switched on or off at specified times and days of week. The switching times are easily configured in a graphical interface.

  • Each output can have its own schedule:
  • When a schedule is active, outputs can still be controlled with NETIO Cloud, the web interface and Open API
  • Scheduler does not need an internet connection.
  • A time source is needed – provided over the internet or, for example, by a local ADSL / WiFi router.



Power ratings

  •  Supply voltage: 110/230 VAC / Max 10A
  •  Low internal consumption: 2 to 5 W
  •  Surge protection: Yes
    •  Max energy 125J
    •  Maximum applied voltage  300Vrms
    •  Max. peak current  20/80us  4500A
    •  Max. clamping voltage 775V

Power outputs

  •  4x IEC-320 C13 / Max 10A per output
  •  PowerUp state: Yes – configurable default power-on state (On / Off / LAST)
  •  ZCS (Zero Current Switching): Yes – configurable default state (On / Off / LAST)
  •  IOC (Independent Output Control): Yes

Power measurement

  •  4x Current [A]
  •  4x Consumption [kWh]
  •  4x Output power [W]
  •  4x TPF (True Power Factor)
  •  Frequency [Hz]
  •  Voltage [V]
  •  Phase [-180° to 180°]
  •  Accuracy:  better than 1% (25°C)


  •  2x LAN 10/100 Mbps (RJ-45)
  •  Built-in unmanaged Ethernet switch
  •  RS-232 serial port (3 pins: Rx, Tx, GND)
  •  USB: Only as a 5V / 1A supply output
  •  Mobile app: NETIO Mobile 2
  •  FW upgrade over the Web interface: Yes


  •   Cloud connection needed for installation: No
  •   Service: NETIO Cloud (paid service, secured by TLS)


  •  Main power switch
  •  4x button for individual sockets
  •  LED indication of current outlet states
  •  Sound indication: Yes

Open M2M API

  •  JSON over HTTP  (default protocol)
  •  MQTT (not MQTT-flex)
  •  SNMP v1 (reading only)
  •  SNMP v3
  •  Modbus/TCP
  •  XML over HTTP
  •  URL API (http get)  (Outputs only)
  •  Telnet (Outputs only, backwards compatible with KSHELL)
  •  HTTPs Push JSON
  •  HTTPs Push XML

Lua Active Client protocols:

  •  Lua PING request  (AN09, AN24, AN25)
  •  Lua XML over HTTP get (AN13, AN14)
  •  Lua URL API over HTTP get (AN06)
  •  Lua SNMP v1 (AN16)
  •  Lua MQTT (AN35)
  •  Lua RS-232 (Serial port) (AN18)

Build-in functions

  •  IP WatchDog function
  •  Scheduler function (calendar)

Lua scripting

  •  Support for in-device Lua scripts: Yes
  •  M2M Active Client: Yes
  •  Lua access to RS-232: Yes

Operating conditions

  •  Temperature: -20°C to +65°C
  •  For indoor use only (IP30)

Package contents

  •  NETIO PowerPDU 4C
  •  QIG (printed Quick Installation Guide)
  •  Power cable (Europlug C13 by default)


  •  Warranty: 24 months
  •  NETIO PowerPDU 4C: 220 x 40 x 120 (w x h x d)
  •  Cable length: 1m
  •  Weight: 0.8 Kg
  •  Package: 255 x 73 x 204 mm (w x h x d)
  •  Standards:
    •  EN 61010-1 ed.2:2011
    •  EN 61326-1 ed.2:2013
    •  EN 55011 ed.3:2010
  •  Designed and made in the Czech Republic

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 20.4 × 25.5 × 7.3 cm


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