JBL Synthesis C82W Dual-panel Invisible Subwoofer System

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The Conceal Series JBL Synthesis C82W Dual-panel Invisible Subwoofer System is a dual-panel, high-performance invisible architectural subwoofer system.

Each C82W panel includes a rigid frame that houses the drivers and acoustic components that would be found on a conventional visible architectural in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeaker.


JBL Synthesis C82W Dual-panel Invisible Subwoofer System

The frame of the JBL Synthesis C82W Dual-panel Invisible Subwoofer System attaches directly to the structural framing of the wall, while the face of the loudspeaker – the FidelityGlass™ panel – features a smooth and durable surface that is designed to be finished in a similar fashion to the wallboard surrounding it. With the edges of the loudspeaker flush to the wallboard, the seams are taped and spackled using common methods and techniques. Once sanded and properly prepared, you simply need to paint or wallpaper the surface of the loudspeaker to match your desired finish.

The C82W system consists of two panels that each contain two 8-inch low-frequency drivers working in tandem with the FidelityGlass panel to deliver impressive bass performance. This combination of drivers and patented technologies results in a high-performance sound that typically would only be found in conventional in-room subwoofers.

The foundation of the panel of the C82W is a compression-molded baffle that provides a rigid frame for the entire assembly. The FidelityGlass acoustic panel is affixed to the frame and serves as the diaphragm for the transducers. Within the panel, dual 8-inch (200mm) high-power woofers operate in conjunction with the FidelityGlass panel and a tuned enclosure to deliver solid bass performance rivaling that of traditional in-room subwoofers. An integrated wooden back box enclosure helps to focus the sound into the room and minimize acoustic intrusion into adjacent spaces. The C82W subwoofer panels are intended to be used with external amplification tailored with the proper equalization and protection circuitry to optimize performance and ensure reliability over the long term. JBL recommends the use of Crown CDi DriveCore™ amplifiers for use with the C82W system.

Installation of the Conceal invisible subwoofer system is achieved much as you would install a standard drywall patch. For new construction, a wooden placeholder board accessory is available to mark the location while the drywall is installed. Detailed instructions are available to help ensure a proper installation. After installing and rechecking the registration of the panel against the drywall, it is key to test the loudspeakers for proper operation with an amplified sound source before moving on to the drywall taping and finishing stages.

The C82W system is the perfect complement to add solid bottom-end performance to any of the JBL Conceal Series loudspeakers in music or multi-channel audio systems. The complete invisibility of the Conceal Series products combined with their broad hemispherical acoustic coverage pattern allows for optimal placement virtually anywhere in a room, be it in a wall or ceiling location. The finished aesthetic benefits far exceed that of a traditional in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeaker resulting in a new level of performance. The JBL Conceal Series is the ultimate solution for high-performance architectural audio.


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  • Dual-panel design each with dual 8-inch (200mm) LF drivers
  • Proprietary FidelityGlass™ acoustic panels and compression molded baffles
  • Integrated wooden back box enclosure for reduced acoustic intrusion into adjacent spaces
  • Loudspeaker system installs like a standard drywall patch
  • Paintable surface can also be custom finished for complete invisibility



Dual 8-inch (200mm) Invisible Subwoofer System
Low Frequency Drivers: 8-inch (203mm) woofers with 1.5-inch (38mm) voice coil (2 per panel)
Recommended Amplifier Power: 60 – 100 WRMS (per panel)
Impedance: Selectable 4 Ohm or 16 Ohm (each panel)
Loudspeaker Sensitivity: 86 dB/1W/1m measured in-room
Frequency Response: 30 Hz – 300 Hz (-6 dB) measured in-room
Crossover Frequency: N/A (requires amplifier with HPF and LPF)
Enclosure Type: Sealed, with wooden back-box
Panel Dimensions: 30” H x 15-7/8” W x 3-7/8” D (762mm H x 403mm W x 98mm D)
Cut-out Dimensions: 30-1/8” H x 16” W (765mm H x 406mm W)
Mounting Depth: 3-3/8-inches (86mm)
Protection: N/A (requires amplifier with limiter)
Input Type Dual gold-plated spring-loaded binding posts

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 9.9 × 18.6 × 48.6 cm

JBL Synthesis

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