FYNE F700 6″ Point Source Bookshelf Speakers

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Refined, elegant and powerful, the F700 is a five strong series of audiophile loudspeakers combining the best of Fyne Audio’s extensive acoustic know how and engineering excellence.

This elegant, contemporary bookshelf loudspeaker distils the best of Fyne Audio’s new technologies and expertise into a compact bookshelf design. Built in the UK and featuring trickle down technology from our Flagship F1 series, the F700 features a 150mm IsoFlare point source driver with a BassTrax LF diffuser integrated into the down firing port. Luxury high gloss piano lacquer applied to black, white or walnut veneers is the finishing touch to the F700’s handcrafted cabinets. Refined, articulate and powerful the F700 recreates a truly natural sound in a charming compact cabinet.

Fyne IsoFlare drivers are at the heart of every F700 model, featuring a coaxially mounted high-power compression HF driver set within a mid/bass cone featuring rigid multi-fibre construction and FyneFlute™ roll surround. The result is true point source isotropic radiation for unsurpassed imaging.

“Transparent and extremely dynamic, layman’s terms – Stunning”

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Using trickle down technology from the F1 series, this elegant, contemporary loudspeaker distils the best of Fyne Audio’s new technologies and expertise into a compact bookshelf design. Built in the UK the F700 features a 200mm IsoFlare point source driver with a BassTrax LF diffuser integrated into the down firing port. Luxury high gloss piano lacquer applied to black, white or walnut veneers is the finishing touch to the F700’s handcrafted cabinets. Refined, articulate and powerful the F700 recreates a truly captivating listening experience in a sumptuous compact cabinet.


Refined, elegant and powerful, the Fyne Audio F700 series sets new benchmarks in loudspeaker performance and aesthetic design. Built in the UK with Fyne’s innovative point source IsoFlare drivers and BassTrax tractrix diffuser system, the three strong F700 range distils trickle-down technology from the flagship Fyne Audio F1 loudspeaker into a more affordable design for the contemporary home.

Isotropic energy radiating point source drivers, magnesium compression tweeters, neodymium motors and Deep Cryogenically Treated crossovers hint at the range of extreme technologies at work on the inside. Curved, twin cavity tuned enclosures built from the finest birch ply, massive all metal plinths with integrated tractrix profile diffusers and lavish piano lacquer finishes craft understated luxury on the outside.

The result is an outstanding series of contemporary loudspeakers with unrivalled specification, breath taking aesthetics and performance that leverages the Fyne Audio teams’ decades of the expertise in designing some of the world finest loudspeakers


The F700 series crossover is the result of sourcing the very best audio components from around the world and Fyne’s extensive experience in network design. The result is a crossover of incredible neutrality, combining low loss inductors, Claritycap high grade capacitors and Van den Hul® high purity silver plated internal wiring to create the cleanest signal path possible. Every F700 crossover is Deep Cryogenically Treated. This super-freezing and slow thawing process relieves microstress in components, wiring and solder joints, maximising signal transfer and delivering greater transparency to the sound. The bi-wired terminal panel uses gold plated link cables and premium quality gold plated binding posts. A fifth terminal is provided for grounding, further preventing radio frequency interference from masking fine detail


IsoFlare™ point source drivers are at the heart of every F700 model. Benefitting from Fyne’s Flagship F1 series technology, the IsoFlare units feature a 25mm magnesium diaphragm compression tweeter mounted coaxially into the heart of a potent MF/LF driver featuring a rigid multi-fibre cone and FyneFlute™ roll surround.

The high powered compression HF drivers give true point source isotropic radiation for unsurpassed imaging and even frequency response. Neodymium motors with vented rear chambers and a metal pole piece to transfer heat ensure outstanding power handling. Direct output from the diaphragm has been expertly tuned with an HF waveguide with unique geometry that proved an incredibly flat frequency response to over 30kHz.

The IsoFlare’s bass/midrange section and the auxiliary drivers in the floorstanding models, use Fyne’s proprietary multi-fibre cone with its extremely natural sounding midrange and fast transient attack. The unique FyneFlute roll surround is shaped to more effectively terminate cone energy, eliminating unwanted resonances from colouring bass and midrange microdetail. The massive motor assembly includes a flux focusing magnet for increased LF sensitivity, resulting in a driver that can comfortably deliver the dynamics of high energy instruments.

High power handling and high efficiency are hallmarks of the IsoFlare point source design. The F700 series’ potent 200mm and 250mm IsoFlare drivers comfortably deliver on the promise of live music dynamics and real world sound pressure levels across the range.


Machined from billet aluminium, the striking F700 plinth on the floorstanding models offers unrivalled stability, easy levelling and a solid platform for Fyne’s patent pending BassTrax™ LF diffuser. Twin 8mm thick plates are separated by aluminium collets that form heavyweight turrets for the floor coupling spikes and their large, knurled lock rings. Machined aluminium cups are provided to protect wooden floors. The lower plate supports the tractrix cone diffuser part of Fyne’s patent pending BassTrax porting system. Finished in satin black and polished aluminium to complement all three loudspeaker finishes, the F700 plinth is a work of art in its own right.


Designed and developed in-house at the company’s Glasgow R&D facility, the IsoFlare driver is Fyne Audio’s ideal type of coaxial drive unit. Designer Dr. Paul Mills explains that it is a true point-source where the mid/bass driver shares a common centre with the high-frequency unit, noting: “The complete audio spectrum radiates isotropically from the driver, giving a spherical wavefront, and the phase response is more linear (constant group delay) than a discrete driver configuration. Also, it better preserves the harmonic structure of complex sounds.” Having previously worked with countless drive units at Tannoy, he is highly experienced in optimising it. Fyne Audio’s IsoFlare uses a rigid cast aluminium chassis that’s light so doesn’t store energy. This marries to a bespoke multi-fibre cone with a FyneFlute surround, and the light and stiff magnesium dome. There’s a vented rear chamber in the neodymium tweeter magnet, which is designed to place low-frequency resonance well below the crossover region. The unique geometry of the tweeter’s waveguide is said to provide a flat frequency response while avoiding internal reflections. The end result is a drive unit that generates exceptional stereo imaging, with less dependency on room placement in order to give of its very best


System Type: 2 way, downwards firing port with BassTrax Tractrix diffuser

Recommended amplifier power (Watt RMS): 30 – 150w
Continuous power handling (Watt RMS): 75w
Peak poer handlih: 300w

Sensitivity (2.83 Volt @ 1m): 90dB
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency response (-6dB typical in room): 40Hz – 34kHz

Drive unit complement:
1x 150mm IsoFlare point source driver, multi-fibre bass / midrange cone, FyneFlute™ surround with 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter, neodymium magnet system

Crossover frequency: 1.7kHz
Crossover type: Bi-wired passive low loss, 2nd order low pass, 1st order high pass, cryogenically treated

Dimensions – HxWxD: 360 x 215 x 300mm
Weight – Each: TBA kg

Finishes: Piano Gloss Walnut / Piano Gloss Black / Piano Gloss White

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 21.5 × 36 cm

Fyne Audio

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