Epson LS12000 4K PRO-UHD Laser Projector

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The Epson LS12000 4K PRO-UHD Laser Projector redefines the movie experience in your home.

Epson projectors had one goal in mind with the LS12000, to faithfully reproduce the source material the way the artist intended. This single thought is what guided their engineering teams to develop a next-generation home theatre projector. And what they came up with, could possibly be their best Home Theatre projector ever.

*Arriving late April / May 2022


Epson LS12000 4K PRO-UHD Laser Projector

The Epson LS12000 4K PRO-UHD Laser Projector has advanced 3LCD technology that uses three individual LCD chips to continuously display 100% of the RGB colour signal for every frame. This allows for outstanding colour gamut while maintaining excellent brightness, without any rainbowing or colour brightness issues seen with other projection technologies.



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Light Source Array
True multi-array laser diodes produce an ideal light source to power the unique 3-Chip 3LCD Projector Engine for quick turn-on, incredible picture brightness, black contrast and colour consistency over the life of the projector.


Experience 4K home theatre projection technology from Epson with proprietary dedicated processors for resolution enhancement, HDR, and image processing. Advanced pixel-shifting technology works in parallel with three individual high-definition LCD chips to produce an exceptionally sharp 4K picture achieving 8.3 million pixels and displaying a resolution of 3840 x 2160 on screen without sacrificing picture brightness

4K PRO-UHD1 home theatre projectors faithfully display all your favourite content from the classics to the latest blockbusters. This isn’t just a new way to watch movies — it’s the best way.

*4K Resolution Enhancement Technology shifts each pixel to produce an image on screen, up to the stated specification.


3LCD technology
All Epson projectors are based on 3-chip LCD technology for amazing colour, incredible detail and solid reliability. 3LCD’s 3-chip architecture dedicates an entire chip to process each primary colour – red, green and blue, continuously. Unlike single-chip technology that delivers colour sequentially, you get full-time colour. The result is vibrant, realistic images and video all delivered with 3LCD’s true-to-life colour.


Up to 3x brighter colours with Epson projectors
Epson projectors use 3LCD engines that have no colour wheel with a white segment and therefore don’t force a tradeoff between white and colour brightness.

In fact, Epson projectors have up to 3x brighter colours than their leading competitive 1-chip DLP projectors. If you are looking for business and education projectors or 1080p home entertainment projectors, know that choosing Epson projectors means up to 3x brighter colours.

All Epson projectors list both white brightness and colour brightness specifications, and all have high colour brightness.

*Colour brightness (colour light output) in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in accordance with IDMS 15.4. colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Top-selling Epson 3LCD projectors versus top-selling 1-chip DLP projectors based on NPD sales data for October 2019 through September 2020.


High image brightness
Impressive 2,700 lumens of colour and 2,700 lumens of white brightness for an exceptional picture in virtually any theatre environment – even in rooms with ambient light.


Laser light source
The Epson LS12000 4K PRO-UHD Laser Projector is equipped with a uniquely designed laser optical engine, allowing for uncompromising brightness, contrast, colour and the highest image quality.

The laser engine’s long lifespan of up to 20,000 hours provides virtually worry-free operation. And there’s no waiting for the projector to warm-up or cool down – the projector reaches maximum brightness and turns off almost immediately.


4K enhancement processor
Epson has developed a new 4K image processor for the EH-LS12000B that when combined with the laser light source can achieve a better colour gradation and richer image.


Dedicated HDR10+ processor
The Epson LS12000 4K PRO-UHD Laser Projector supports HDR10+ which shows dynamic range in a frame-by-frame basis so that the subtle details between bright and dark details can be kept. Epson’s full 10-bit HDR colour processing accepts 100% of the HDR source information to faithfully reproduce HDR content for an exceptional visual performance.


Inorganic components
Epson’s newly developed phosphor wheel is made of inorganic material with superior light and heat-resistance to deliver excellent reliability. We’ve also developed inorganic LCD panels – a key component of imaging devices. Combining an inorganic phosphor wheel with inorganic LCD panels in a laser projector results in bright, vibrant images for long periods.


Dedicated digital imaging processor
Real-time 32-bit analogue to digital video processing ensures smooth tonal transition, while eliminating banding, blocking and other compression artefacts from the final visual performance. The powerful processor in the EH-LS12000B faithfully reproduces the source material the way it was intended to be shown.


Deep black contrast ratio
Enjoy bright, vibrant pictures and excellent shadow detail of your favourite movies with 2,500,000:1 deep black contrast ratio on EH-LS12000B. Bring out mesmerising dark scenes of full high-definition images for a brilliant viewing experience.


Detail enhancement
Fine tune high definition images by turning on the detail enhancement feature which sharpens and refines images for lifelike clarity.


Flexible installation
Making installation simple, you can precisely shift the lens up to +/- 47% horizontally and up to +/- 96% vertically without any loss in picture distortion or clarity thanks to the EH-LS12000B’s 3-axis motorised lens. The Epson LS12000 4K PRO-UHD Laser Projector has a front exhaust that enables the projector to be installed on a shelf at the back of the room and with a highly sealed optical unit, less light escapes, meaning you can be fully immersed in whatever you’re watching.


4K frame interpolation
The EH-LS12000B can generate intermediate frames to improve overall motion fluidity and sharpness. This results in a smooth 4K image with less blur.


Scene adaptive gamma
Powered by the image processor, scene adaptive gamma allows the user to automatically adjust the picture quality based upon the scene information itself. This provides a simple way to get impressive colour and contrast, regardless of the content being displayed and provides a balanced and dynamic image with improved detail, especially in dark scenes.


Cinematic lens
Designed for zero-light leakage, the EH-LS12000B Lens utilises a 15-element precision glass structure for outstanding image clarity and edge-to-edge focus uniformity.


Gaming on the big screen
Gaming up to 4K at 120 frames per second, along with input lag times below 20 ms, allows for serious gamers to take full advantage of the latest generation of gaming consoles and higher-end gaming PCs.


Stylish design
With the design inspired by a minimalist shape, charcoal black colour and carefully chosen fabric pattern, the trendy look and feel of the EH-LS12000B blends naturally into any home theatre environment.


Audio connectivity
Thanks to ARC, audio can be carried via the projector using an HDMI cable. In addition, eARC supports high-quality sound, allowing you to enjoy a cohesive mix of video and sound in an easier installation.


Key Specifications

4K PRO-UHD RESOLUTION: 3,840 X 2,160 / 8,294,400 PIXELS ON SCREEN
SIZE – D x W x H: 447 x 520 x 192.7 mm
WEIGHT: Approx. 12.7 kg

Additional information

Weight 12.7 kg
Dimensions 44.7 × 52 × 192.7 cm


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